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Early pregnancy pain

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Katej25 Fri 28-Aug-20 18:33:34

Hello! Just to give you a bit of background, I had a missed miscarriage in 2013, managed to fall pregnant and have a great pregnancy and had my daughter in 2016, fell pregnant with our lovely second daughter in 2018 but she was born January at 15 weeks after I had a miscarriage Due to her having health issues. Since then my other half and I have been trying to conceive again with no luck until this month!! I was just about to be referred to the fertility clinic after almost 2 years of trying and finding out I have endometriosis. We’re very very excited but of course very nervous. I feel like I’ve completely forgot what a normal pregnancy feels like. I’ve been having such bad back pain for the past two weeks, I’m now 5weeks and 4 days so thought at the start it was just signs of my period. Today however I’ve also started getting a bruised feeling on my tummy. I know a lot of stuff happens to your body straight away and things start moving and changing but I’m so worried this isn’t normal pain. Did anyone else experience this?

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Chicken123 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:00:58

Hi @Katej25
Lovely to hear about your miscarriages and congrats on your daughter. It’s understandable worrying, I’m worrying a lot at the moment too due to miscarrying a couple of months ago.
I’ve started getting reeeeeally achey sensations right down there and almost in my ovaries and in my groin. I actually struggled to sleep last night because of it being so uncomfortable.

I have an early scan tomorrow and I’m sooooo nervous x

Shinea Sat 29-Aug-20 04:36:09

Hello ladies,
Even I had Missed miscarriage in april first week at 20th week. Since then I always feel crampy pain and twinges on ovulation till Periods.
Now I am 4weeks 3 days pregnant and still have that cramping on one side. Even I want to know why this pain after miscarriage. I never had this pain before miscarriage.

I spoke to my GP and she adviced paracetamol but I m really scared of taking any tablet

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