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15 weeks today

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Hayleydobedoo Fri 28-Aug-20 17:48:57

Hi all

I am 15 weeks today, had two scans so far latest one being 13 weeks and all was well

My question is this, i still have no bump and dont feel pregnant have a slight metalic taste in mouth and changes to breasts also had round ligament pain over a week ago but thats gone now, but no symptoms like what I experienced first trimester, I want to book a private scan but my mum told me i need to have more faith in this and stop Worying so much, I had a mc at 6 weeks a year ago hence my concerns, if something was wrong at this stage would I have cramping and or bleeding? I just need a little reassurance I guess, im still 5 weeks away from 20 week scan and just feel like I am going to be over thinking etc all that time till I see if all is ok x

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Hayleydobedoo Fri 28-Aug-20 17:49:13

Thank you x

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TheHappyHerbivore Fri 28-Aug-20 18:45:32

I was the same OP - had basically no symptoms of any kind from about 12 weeks on and didn’t really feel pregnant until I started getting kicks at around 19 weeks. I think it’s very normal to have this quiet period!

If you’re worried you can always book a private scan for reassurance, but I think your feelings are very normal flowers

Snorlax86 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:15:42

Hey OP I’m literally in the exact same position (a week behind!) I’m not showing, and all my first trimester symptoms have gone. I’m left feeling so anxious. If it makes you feel better than there’s no harm in getting a private scan, though I do think it’s normal to feel like this. I’m not sure if you have in person 16 week midwife appts, I know in some areas they check the heartbeat with a doppler.

33muma Sat 29-Aug-20 09:15:21

@Hayleydobedoo I did feel pregnant up to 13 weeks, with symptoms and solid stomach, whereas now at 16 weeks I look less pregnant and no symptoms. I keep reading that a lot of women have this lull, but it's still nerves racking!! Hopefully further along women will answer and put our minds at rest! X

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