BFP 6 months postpartum

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RosieGirl27 Fri 28-Aug-20 13:43:38

Hello, I’ve just had a BFP has anyone else gotten pregnant 6 months PP? How badly did pregnancy have an affect on your body, I had a vaginal birth with vountuse with my little boy so i don’t have a c-section scar that is still healing or anything. We always said we wanted 2 so although it’s quicker than we planned we think we will manage. I can’t help but feel guilty on my little boy though. He’s still so tiny. How did having a second so close affect your first born?

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Malysh Sat 29-Aug-20 15:14:20

I got pregnant when my eldest was 10 months (in my case it was planned and I'd have done it faster if I could).

It's been hard at first to have two very young kids, but more so for me than usual because I just moved to another continent (youngest is now 3 months old) and I'm single, so it's been a lot of hard work. I don't recommand a 12h plane ride alone with two kids under two ! It'll be easier for you probably !

Overall I think it's harder early on but well worth it. It's great to see my eldest pat his brother's head, give him his pacifier or carry his bottle. There has been a bit of jealousy but not that much (and in fact probably less than with a bigger age gap as my eldest didn't have several years to get used to being an only !)

Also this means they'll be together at similar stages in life and able to support each other. When DS2 is a bit older (in a year or so) they'll be able to play together and I won't feel guilty about having grownup stuff to do in the meantime !

If you know you wanted another one I think it's great that the age gap is so small. Plus you'll be rid of all the diapers and boring bits faster !

Malysh Sat 29-Aug-20 15:17:42

Forgot your question about pregnancy. In my case it was no better or worse for the close age gap. I do find it harder to shed the kg this time but I'm pretty sure it's got more to do with this being a second pregnancy and my eating habit getting unhealthier than with the close age gap.

Giving birth was about the same though it did progress super quickly after I reached 6cm. Also only needed a couple of pushes when first time was much harder !

I should have kept more on top of stretch mark. Didn't have any first time so I figured I'd be fine and, well, I figured wrong. Nothing awful but I should have used some creams and all.

givemecrisps Tue 15-Sep-20 05:29:05

I found out I was pregnant when my son was 6 months after a holiday where a lot of wine was had haha.

I will be honest in that during the pregnancy my body was fine. But my gosh I am still feeling the after effects 4 months after giving birth. Also something to bear in mind was my second labour was very quick! I had forceps with my son so similar first experience to you. My daughter however was born 24 minutes after i got to the hospital, it was the height of lockdown and my husband only just got into then room. I feel a lot more aches and pains now than I did after my first. I also chose not to breast feed my daughter after doing it with my son as I personally wanted to be able give both my attention and felt that I couldn't sit with my breasts in my daughters mouth for hours like I had with my
Son. My best advise is to stay as active as you can during your pregnancy. I gave birth in May and my husband and I used our lockdown exercise allowance to take our son for a 1 hour walk everyday.

It's a completely different ball game having 2. I had wanted a 2 year age gap and would have tried when my son was around 18 months. I don't regret how things have turned out but it is difficult sometimes. I had a great job so will be going back to work when my daughter is 6 months old and honestly I can't wait 😂

Good luck!

givemecrisps Tue 15-Sep-20 05:31:28

Also my son loves my daughter so much and can't wait for her to be old enough to play. He takes his toys to her etc.

I laid in bed a few weeks after and found out and just cried because I was so worried at how everything would change. Our son doesn't know any different and he loves it. He was 15 months old when she was born so he will only remember life with her

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