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11 weeks 5 days symptoms have gone

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Sammy2002 Wed 26-Aug-20 17:58:48

I'm 11 weeks and 5 days had loads of all day sickness the usual niggles I had sex morning
before 11 weeks 4 days and I've had sharp shooting pains in my virgina on and off all day doesn't hurt when walking around only when sat down now I've had nothing don't feel sick just stressed out and worried don't have the pain anymore not bleeding or getting any pains do u think I should ring my doctor had my scan at 9 weeks 3 days and there was a bean with a heart beat but I won't get another till 20 weeks as I'm in UK sorry I'm going on just worried any help would be grateful

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leadinglight Wed 26-Aug-20 23:32:58

The loss of symptoms is probably fine - you are coming out of the first trimester, after all - but call your doctor about the pain, just in case. You should never put off calling the doctor about anything you're unsure of when you're pregnant.

Biscusting Wed 26-Aug-20 23:36:44

I hated the second trimester for this exact reason! I felt nothing! Totally normal one day and didn’t feel anything until the baby started kicking at 18weeks!
Please don’t stress, it really won’t help! Are you able to book a private scan? Will you not get a 12 week scan via the NHS?

Icanflyhigh Wed 26-Aug-20 23:46:25

It does sound fairly normal, the sickness disappearing etc because the placenta is now taking over and doing the work as you end your first trimester.
The shooting pains may juat be round ligament pains and thing starting to stretch into place. Try not to worry, but do call your doctor/midwife if you're unsure x

Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 00:11:28

I'm going to ring my midwife in the morning thankyou

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Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 00:12:34

I can't afford a private scan but I've already had a scan at 9 weeks 3 days so I just don't know what to do

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Biscusting Thu 27-Aug-20 03:07:37

I think if you’ve had a scan at 9 weeks and everything is fine, you’re only symptom is that that you have no symptoms, then I’d be willing to bet that at 11 weeks everything is absolutely fine.

Do nothing but relax!

Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 08:17:57

Thankyou im just scared I guess every new mum is the same especially in the early days

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Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 08:29:11

Before I went to bed last night I'd not had no symptoms all day I was hungrier than normal and kept my food down till I went for a poo the smell made me sick now my tummy hurts I'm hoping it's just due to been sick still had heartburn last night just wish I could see my baby only saw it at 9 weeks and I now have to wait till 20 weeks as I can't afford a private scan as im only 17 years old does anyone know if the midwife listens to your baby's heartbeat at 16 weeks or earlier as long as I obviously don't bleed or get really bad cramping I know to go straight to hospital if I do

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Lollol86 Thu 27-Aug-20 09:57:21

@Sammy2002 why was your 12 week scan so early?

Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 10:03:07

Due to my last period which I went on so instead of been 10 or 11 weeks I was 9 but my periods are irregular anyway that's the date they gave me but I won't even know till I go for my nxt scan at 20 weeks to know if the dates were right I saw bean on screen and saw heartbeat didn't hear it though

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Lollol86 Thu 27-Aug-20 10:08:50

@Sammy2002 I thought if you were under 10 weeks and wanted the screenings to be carried out another scan needed to be done? I'm not 100% sure but may be worth checking? Xx

Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 10:28:50

Noi don't get another scan till 20 weeks I phone midwife she tried to put my mind at ease so just gunna see if I get any more pain if I do she told me to ring my gp they try get me in for a scan but the hospital midwifes don't do anything till your 16 weeks it's doctors that help you till then

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Lollol86 Thu 27-Aug-20 10:49:44

@Sammy2002 sending lots of positive vibes your way, I'm sure al is fine but I totally understand the anxiety.

Somethingsnappy Thu 27-Aug-20 10:50:07

But the screening tests do need to be done at 12 weeks or there abouts. 9 weeks would be too early to do the relevant tests, so it doesn't sound right to me. I think you need to follow this up. You are entitled to a scan and screening tests at 12 weeks. Don't leave this any longer to chase it up, as the tests have to be done in a certain time frame....not after about 13 weeks I think, from memory. Please do chase this up.

leadinglight Thu 27-Aug-20 11:18:45

Yeah phone them back and say you need to book your 12 week scan, you've had an early one but you will need another at 12 weeks.
Try not to worry, your symptoms don't sound too unusual and you're probably just overthinking. Congratulations smile

Lollol86 Thu 27-Aug-20 11:39:28

I thought that was the case, did you say you wanted the cream testing a done?

Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 11:59:41

I went to the midwife and had my bloods done then they booked me in for my scan I thought I was further on but they dated me 9 weeks 3 days so they have said I won't get another till 20 weeks which will be the one that they check everything size etc I've been told I won't get another it's normal practice only to have 2 I'm in UK

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Sammy2002 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:05:18

Thankyou im just a proper stress head at the moment I told the midwife she said it sounds normal but if I get spotting or really bad cramps to ring doctor to get an emergency referral or just go straight up to hospital

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Brusselsprouts21 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:08:09

The screening tests usually done at a dating scan are to be done between 10 and 14 weeks so you should really speak to your midwife and ask for this anyway. That's obviously if you agreed to have the tests done. My symptoms disappeared going into the second trimester so unless there was any pains or bleeding i would take it that your now free of the horrible pregnancy symptoms.

Somethingsnappy Thu 27-Aug-20 12:12:44

But, you see, if you thought you were further on, the matter may have become confused. If you were in fact only 9 weeks along, it's too early to do the screening tests I think. You are entitled to those tests, the results of which are combined from your age, blood test and NT measurement at the back of your baby's neck during the scan. Have you had those results yet? For Down's Syndrome etc? If not, you are entitled to another scan. The first would just have to be your dating scan. Lots of people have those early ones for various reasons....they are still entitled to their 12 week scan. In the UK.

Lollol86 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:56:27

Just reread what I wrote 🤦🏼‍♀️ did you say you wanted the screen testing done? That's for like Down syndrome? You need to be tested for that between 10-14 weeks, as you was too early they need to rescan and carry out those tests. If your midwife is saying you don't need to be rescanned I would call the epu at the hospital and discuss it with them xx

Riggles78 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:59:41

I know you’re only entitled to 2 NHS scans but the 9 weeks one shouldn’t count as you would be too early to do the Downs screening at 9 weeks, the baby isn’t big enough to measure at that age. They have to measure within 11-14 weeks for the Downs screening which is part of your NHS dating/“12 week” scan.
I was only 10+6 when I went in for my dating/12 week scan (I thought I was 11+3 so within the 11-14 weeks) so they just rebooked me in then and there for 2 weeks later and I was rescanned at 13 weeks to get the measurements.
I don’t think you’re being told the right information here.

Sammy2002 Fri 28-Aug-20 02:31:08

They told me I was 9 weeks 3 days on the scan My nxt scan is 23rd of October which will be my 20 weeks scan were the check for everything I'm confused as they've not said anything else I'm in bradford and not sure how all this works been a first time mum is scary and daunting was told they only give you 2 scans and may only give you another if they can't work out how far you are

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Sammy2002 Fri 28-Aug-20 02:33:26

They told me I'm only entitled to 2 sc. Ans dating scan and a 20 week scan

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