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Nervous about telling work

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Darcy86 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:23:55

I'm 14+3 and had planned on telling my boss this week, but the thought of it is churning my stomach. Our division has just gone through a major restructure and quite a few people have been made redundant, including 4 in my team. I've no reason to believe my role is at risk as the process has been concluded, but I'm still worried. Partly because my boss is quite manipulative and frankly, not a very nice person. I don't trust her very much.

I was just thinking that if they've concluded the redundancy process and then suddenly make a change to it to remove my role after I tell them I'm pregnant, that could possibly be a case for discrimination?I've been at the company for 2 years on 17th September. Should I leave it for another couple of weeks so I'm closer to that point, or does that not really make much of a difference? I know they can make me redundant regardless of length of service anyway.

It's also entirely possible I am really overthinking this and being unnecessarily paranoid. Any other tips for just getting it done, when you don't have a great relationship with your boss? We do have an employee assistance programme at work and I was half wondering about talking to them first.

Thanks in advance.

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ivfdreaming Mon 24-Aug-20 10:33:39

I was in a similar position - company going through redundancy including 4 from my team. I was going to keep it quiet as long as possible - literally up to the last legal day before I HAD to tell them - I work in a very male dominated industry. In the end I had to tell them at 12 weeks about 2 weeks after redundancy consultations had been concluded as I'm having twins and I physically can't hide it (very obvious pregnancy bump) plus there are H&S considerations in my role to factor in. I came to the same conclusion as you - that if I was suddenly notified of redundancy and it was only me then I would have a case for discrimination.
Also I researched that I would still get MA which isn't far off SMP (my company maternity leave is rubbish) so I wouldn't be too financially disadvantaged if I was forced out (I also have redundancy insurance which pays out for 12 months)

Darcy86 Mon 24-Aug-20 11:04:31

@ivfdreaming thank you. And everything was okay with your role I assume? It's so nerve wracking isn't it. I have a 121 with my boss tomorrow morning. Might just bite the bullet and tell her then.

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KitKatastrophe Mon 24-Aug-20 11:06:22

I would wait, unless you need to tell them for health and safety reasons (e.g. if you do manual work, or working with chemicals or animals)

Littlegoth Mon 24-Aug-20 11:10:09

I work in HR. I would make them aware now, in writing (email is great as you have a record). Once they are aware, you have more legal protection in terms of redundancy etc.

Darcy86 Mon 24-Aug-20 13:01:58

@KitKatastrophe would you wait until the 2 year's service mark or just until the latest possible point?

@Littlegoth thanks. I think I'll probably need to at least chat to my boss first but then happy to confirm it in writing so there's a paper trail.

Thanks everyone. I am obviously dreading it but a big part of me just wants to get it done too.

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KitKatastrophe Mon 24-Aug-20 13:04:02

Until the 2 years at least and probably until the redundancy consultations are done, if you can. What is the advantage of telling them sooner?

Darcy86 Mon 24-Aug-20 13:07:03

The redundancy consultations have all finished as of last week and we've had a business announcement this morning officially concluding it. The advantage of telling earlier is I suppose that I can have antenatal appointments off without losing holiday or coming up with a cover story, and that it's a weight off my mind...and the point made about legal protection.

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ivfdreaming Mon 24-Aug-20 13:08:48

I'd probably wait until the 17th September - it's not far away?

As for me work have only known a couple of weeks - I suspect there is actually some "relief" as it's an industry in some areas hit hard by covid (especially my team which probably won't have much work until next June) so they don't have to find work for me after Xmas for a few months and I'm expecting the work I do to pick up by next summer so timings work with maternity leave

Littlegoth Mon 24-Aug-20 14:02:10

I think there’s misunderstanding about 2 years service for unfair dismissal too - if unfair dismissal is due to maternity or pregnancy it applies from day 1 of employment, so there’s no need to wait until you reach 2 years service.

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