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Faint HCG line

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RachaelVictoria Sun 23-Aug-20 21:10:13

Hey guys,
Hoping someone has been through this or can offer some advice.
My period was due on Friday (Day 30 of my cycle) so today I’ve done two pregnancy strip tests, both which show a faint line. Does this mean I’m likely pregnant? I thought with me being late it would be more obvious/darker in colour on the test.

If yes, as I don’t track ovulation is it likely that I’ve ovulated late in the cycle and that’s why it’s light in colour? How many weeks am I likely to be? I have bought a Clear Blue - How many weeks test that’s arriving tomorrow.

Will try to upload a picture but as I’m a new member it’s not showing the attachment button below 😅

Thanks in advance!

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33muma Mon 24-Aug-20 15:45:28

Any line however faded means your pregnant. It took about 8 days to go from a barely visible faded line to a nice thick line!
It's impossible to get a faded line if you're not pregnant as you won't have the hormones to trigger it. Congrats!

RachaelVictoria Mon 24-Aug-20 16:24:35

@33muma thank you! I did get a slightly stronger line today and I’m going to do a digital test tomorrow just so it literally spells it out for me but I think I can finally celebrate slightly 💕

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