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Neighbours smoking weed

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MissAR Sun 23-Aug-20 20:21:07

I m 7w pregnant and the strong smell of weed from my neighbours is now inside my flat.The hall stinks so It is a challenge every time I need to get out of the house but now having it inside my flat is insane.We had to report it to the police, but they don't seem to bother,called the agency who is renting but nothing happened.
How much will this affect my pregnancy?Even tho people are not smoking next to me I'm assuming it is still dangerous for me to inhale.
Any midwifes here that have any idea?😩
Thanks a lot x

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TruffleMama Sun 23-Aug-20 20:33:04

Do you have a local neighbourhood policing team? I would contact them directly rather than reporting to the police in general. You should be able to find contact details for you local neighbourhood policing team on your local constabulary's website.

Also, your local authority has a duty to deal with anti social behaviour, so report them as well. Although, if you and your neighbour privately rent, they may not have as much authority than they would do if your neighbour was in a council owned property.

If you and your neighbour privately rent, definitely report it to your landlord/letting agency. Your neighbour will have signed a tenancy agreement which will cover things like causing antisocial behaviour - so they are in breach of their tenancy agreement. I doubt the landlord will want weed being smoked in their property, so hopefully they'll deal with it asap.

What's your relationship with your neighbour? Are they reasonable? Could you have a word with them and explain that you're pregnant and it is coming in to your flat? Saying that.. the fact they smoke weed in their flat, knowing how potent that stuff smells.. suggests they don't care if their neighbours are breathing it in.

How about an polite anonymous note through their letterbox asking that they stop. Point out they are breaching their tenancy agreement and state you will have no choice but to reported the matter to the police and the landlord/letting agency if it continues.

MissAR Mon 24-Aug-20 16:18:53

@TruffleMama thank you for replying.
I will write a note for them and hope things will change otherwise I will just move out.It s been 4 days now with a constant smell which made me think they might grow the plan in their apartment...but nobody seems to care.

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