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How bad can round ligament pain be?

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Lola871 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:51:30

I've generally had sharp stretching round ligament pain on and off throughout my pregnancy (now 28 weeks). Today when I moved I got a really severe stabbing pain in the same place, which brought tears to my eyes and has left me with tenderness to touch in the lower right side. I'm just waiting to see if the tenderness settles before I call the midwife but wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It was so much more painful than it has been before.

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Anxiousgirl23 Sat 22-Aug-20 23:20:21

@Lola871 I’m also 28 weeks and had this so bad in the last week - like you severe stabbing on lower right side near groin that made me have to lie down and I felt sick. It was horrid. I contacted my midwife who said it was normal but just to call back if pain constant/any other symptoms. They didn’t have any suggestions as to how to make it better. It’s awful isn’t it? X

gamerchick Sat 22-Aug-20 23:25:04

It used to bring me to my knees. Awful thing. A maternity belt can help.

I used to lie on my back with knees bent and rock legs from side to side to ease it a bit.

Lola871 Sat 22-Aug-20 23:33:14

Thanks for the replies! The midwife has just told me to keep an eye on it, and call back if it happens again or I get any other symptoms. It definitely caught me by surprise more than anything!

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Whatinthename20 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:08:38

Me. Im 27 weeks and went for a 30 minute walk yesterday , and was in agony by the time I was nearly home. A stitch/ache on my lower right side of my bump. It scared me.
It stopped as soon as I got home and sat down!

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