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3rd Trimester & sending DC back to pre-schoo

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DobbieFreeElf Sat 22-Aug-20 11:26:18

Hi, I’m sorry to ask another corona virus related question but I just wanted to gauge what other people are doing about their kids going back to pre-school/ nursery?

I’ll be 33 weeks when DS is due to restart pre-school, he’s 3 and there will be no social distancing from other kids or key workers (he still needs someone to wipe him bum!)!

I can’t decide if I should:
1. send him back
2. send him back then keep him home from 2 weeks before my due date.
3. keep him off

What are you doing if you’re in this situation?

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FilthyforFirth Sat 22-Aug-20 12:23:28

DS is 3 and in preschool. I will be in the 3rd trimester next week. He goes all year round so will still be going next week.

He has been back since June though. There is obviously no social distancing at his nursery with kids or staff, but there are new protocols for parents. Specific drop off/pick up times, no longer allowed inside etc.

I feel fine about it. I personally dont want to disrupt his routine anymore than it already has this year and I feel safe enough with the precautions they are taking.

DobbieFreeElf Sat 22-Aug-20 13:11:36

Same age as my DS @FilthyforFirth, will you feel the same with a newborn in the house? I’m not so worried about right now, more for the baby when it arrives...

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FilthyforFirth Sat 22-Aug-20 14:00:33

Yes I think I will. Not due until November so obviously will asess closer to the time. But I live in a low transmission area, no recent deaths etc.

We'd have to have a pretty big spike or be in a local lockdown for me to keep him off nursery. I unfortunately dont see an end to this at all so I dont feel I can constantly put my toddlers life on hold.

He only goes 3 days a week from 9-4 so will be home with us the rest of the time.

DobbieFreeElf Sat 22-Aug-20 14:48:09

Thank you @FilthyforFirth interesting to hear another point of view on it all 😊

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FilthyforFirth Sat 22-Aug-20 14:52:17

No problem. It's a simply horrible time to be pregnant isn't it? I am quite happy to keep my baby away from my wider, very large, family, but I just cant forsee me not letting my parents meet/hold him.

So many horrible decisions to make that you wouldnt normally have to sad

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 22-Aug-20 14:54:26

29 wks pregnant my 3 yr old has been back at nursery since June, we do play dates, go to farms. I’m not overly worried. No way in hell would I opt to keep her home with a newborn. I have a friend who has a 3yr old and a 4month old at home and it looks hellish and miserable imo. No time for either child, no time to rest, 3 yr old craving stimulation.

cookiesaurus Sat 22-Aug-20 14:57:34

I'm 37 weeks and I sent my 21 month old daughter back to nursery in July.

She's thriving since going back and gets so much out of her days there that I simply couldn't give her as it's having the other children to play with that's been really good for her!

It makes me nervous when I think that I'll have a new born and my daughter will be at nursery with 16 other germy children; but then it's a trade off isn't it and I definitely do not know what the 'right' answer is. So far, returning to nursery seems to have been really good for her and I'm pleased that we did but I'm nervous about the Autumn/Winter period.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 22-Aug-20 15:03:21

Tbh let’s say corona had never happened, would you have your preschooler in nursery? Even though your newborn hasn’t had an mmr jab, the chicken pox risk, the general sickness bug risk. This virus has proven itself to be less deadly to such small children over any other age group.

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