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Weekly weight gain

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widgetsmummy Thu 04-Oct-07 15:26:25

Am 21wks, not put on any weight for 3 weeks, just maintained... don't have much appetite past midday. Should I worry or stop weighing myself?

bumptobaby Thu 04-Oct-07 15:33:46

I would say stop weighing yourself. My appetite came and went through my pregnancy i'm now nearly 39 weeks and have only put on just over a stone - midwife is quite pleased with this, so i wouldn't worry.

The myth we are eating for two is just that a myth. Have your tried to eat fruit, when i was struggling to eat much fruit always went down fine. I woul also try to make sure you are drinking plenty.

If you are worried speak to your midwife next time your in.

rascal1979 Thu 04-Oct-07 15:35:48

I am almost 21 weeks pregnant and have only put about 2lb on since being pregnant. My MW said that it is fine.

GoodGollyMissMolly Thu 04-Oct-07 15:38:07

I would stop weighing yourself, put the scales away and only weigh yourself when you have your appointments with your MW.

Maybe try to eat a small snack after midday, even if you dont feel like it. Speak to your midwife about it when you see her next.

I had this from 10 to 16 weeks, I just didn't have an appetite at all and lost nearly 3 stone, but the MW wasn't at all worried. I was big to begin with anywaygrin

If your at all worried call your MW and I'm sure she will put your mind at rest.

I know it is hard to eat when you dont feel like it, but even if you have a fruit smoothie (I lived of these for weeks) it is better than nothing at all.


Jbck Thu 04-Oct-07 16:08:45

I'm almost 35 weeks & have put on 10 pounds, with my last pg I put on 15 pounds in total, don't worry about it. Bub will get all it's nutrients anyway as long as you keep up fluids & try to eat little & often of whatever you fancy. I'm currently eating Angel Delight like it's going out of fashion. GP told me it's better to eat something than nothing as long as it's not Big Macs etc every meal, every day baby will be ok.

SingingBear Thu 04-Oct-07 16:12:34

Message withdrawn

widgetsmummy Thu 04-Oct-07 16:33:41

OK - the scales are going away. Just a classic case of read in "What to Expect" to taylor my weight gain to 'x' amount a week, varying through each trimester...

First time mummy-itis x

GoodGollyMissMolly Fri 05-Oct-07 08:32:34

Widgetsmummy, so glad to hear that you have put the scales away. I bet you wont worry as much about your weight gain now. smile

I also have a case of first time mummy-itis, lets hope it gets better. It's so hard not to worry, esp when you read how it is 'supposed' to be in all of the books. I've also packed my pregnancy books away and if I have any worries or problems I come on to MN to get advice and help.

Hope you get your appetite back soon. grin

RGPargy Fri 05-Oct-07 10:16:09

I'm too scared to get the scales anymore!! I'd put on 1 1/2 stone by the time i was 20 something weeks! Saying that, i was low carbing prior to becoming pg and then when i found out i kinda went on a bit of a carb fest so that's probably why i put on too. I dont intend to weigh myself now til i'm at term (if i'm brave enough!).


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