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Eye contact in 5 week old?

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Jane0506qz Thu 20-Aug-20 21:36:28

Hi everyone,

My little girl is just over 5 weeks old and I just wanted to know when everyone’s little ones started to make eye contact. It seems at the moment that my little girl spends the majority of the time sort of looking past me or at the corners of the room. There have been times during Breast feeding or random times of the day where I feel she might be looking into my eyes but her pupils aren’t really focusing and I couldn’t be sure that she really is. I know she can see as she shows a lot of interest in high contrast images and will follow them with her eyes when I move them but I don’t feel like she is properly looking at me yet or engaging in this way. Is this normal for her age? I made the mistake of googling it and it seemed to indicate that this could be a problem and she should be doing this by now. hmm

She has started smiling a lot in the last week which is lovely and will respond in this way when we talk with her.

Any opinions I’d be grateful! smile

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Betsyboo87 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:50:44

DS is 7 weeks and definitely looking at me now. However I remember being on FaceTime with DM a couple of weeks ago and her saying it was lovely he was looking at me. I said actually he was looking past me. I couldn't say exactly when it changed but not more than a week or two ago. It’ll probably come in the next week or so with your DD - they change so quickly. It’s lovely that she’s smiling though! So so rewarding.

Foreverbaffled Thu 20-Aug-20 22:00:26

My DS actively avoided eye contact for the first 6 months of his life. Googling this at the time unfortunately sent me into a state of post natal anxiety as I became convinced he had autism. He doesn’t, just took him a while to seem happy to do it. I wouldn’t worry at all at this very early age.

Echobelly Thu 20-Aug-20 22:03:12

They can barely focus at 5 weeks, so I'd be surprised if she made eye contact much. One of the joys of tiny babies is watching them desperately trying to focus and concentrating so hard! grin I'd never imagine for a minute that a 5wo 'should' be making eye contact

DD didn't really smile much until about 9-10 weeks - she is absolutely fine

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