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Sex based on heart rate!??

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Miss2820 Thu 20-Aug-20 18:24:11

How true is this?

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IHTC Thu 20-Aug-20 19:04:37

It's supposed to just be another myth but I've always found it accurate 🤷‍♀️

Heyha Thu 20-Aug-20 19:12:33

I saw a different midwife at each appointment and they all had a different take on that...midwives were even guessing when I was in early labour (I was induced and had been in a few days so we had plenty of time to chat 😂).

50% of the guesses/theories were correct

Watto1 Thu 20-Aug-20 19:14:28

Apparently a boy’s heartbeat sounds like a train and a girl’s sounds like a horse. No idea how much truth is in that!

LexiM Thu 20-Aug-20 19:15:31

I dont think it's true at all. Our baby's has varied throughout.

mathanxiety Thu 20-Aug-20 19:16:47

I found it to be true.

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Thu 20-Aug-20 19:21:20

I couldn't tell if there was a rhythm to ds's heartbeat, when my friends were telling me about it I felt awful, it just sounded like a sped up heartbeat to me...

Babyshine2020 Thu 20-Aug-20 19:25:19

My baby's heart rate was constantly 155 and she's a girl.. so it was "true" in this instance

Lubeylube Thu 20-Aug-20 19:31:05

True for my two, but only on the last week.

Miss2820 Thu 20-Aug-20 19:44:58

Quite interesting what people think, I was only wondering coz I had the midwife check the heartbeat which was 152

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ivfdreaming Thu 20-Aug-20 19:46:12

My DD consistently had a heart rate that also sounded like a galloping horse

I'm currently pregnant with twins and they have heart rate 168+ but I think they are boys

Zoey36 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:15:40

Daughter's heart rate was always 150+. Pregnant with a boy and it has never been above 130! The sound is so different! I asked the midwife if she could tell from listening (to test this theory!) and both her and the student said it was a definite boy sound! But that's just 2 pregnancies not exactly a huge sample size!

BeMorePacific Thu 20-Aug-20 21:18:08

@Miss2820 by the theory you’d be having a girl. xx

MondeoFan Thu 20-Aug-20 21:26:18

True for my 2. I've always thought it to be true

Miss2820 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:23:29

I was just curious lol to see if people believe in it and if the theory has worked for others and the sex has been correct.. girl would be nice not gnna lie lol but happy with either as long as baby is well and healthy

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GrimDamnFanjo Fri 21-Aug-20 10:25:08

I believe it's accurate in around 70% providing the heart rate readings are consistent.

Heyha Fri 21-Aug-20 12:01:45

I'm going to have a look at my notes now as we were almost all convinced DD was going to be a boy except for one midwife appointment...I wish I'd written down the different midwife guesses too now, will do if we have another!

Maidmummy Fri 21-Aug-20 15:52:51

21 weeks here and baby's heart rate at last check was 157bpm and it's a definite boy in there, so wrong for me x

hieveryonex Fri 21-Aug-20 18:36:34

Hi! Please don't believe in any of these myths 😂 when I went for my scan, they were like 'so come on tell me what myths you've heard about guessing the sex of your baby etc' and I told her and she was like never ever believe any of them , she said she'd heard them all and found them hilarious 🙄😂

Miss2820 Fri 21-Aug-20 20:28:52

Lol I know what you mean I didn’t believe it I just wanted to see what people actually thought of these different myths etc

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Heyha Mon 24-Aug-20 20:15:23

Ok here goes....I photocopied my green notes before the midwife had them back in! These are fetal heart rates for my DD at each appointment from 16 weeks to induction:
130, 150, 125, 126, 134, 127, 145

NightGinn Wed 26-Aug-20 00:26:43

Foetal heart rate slows generally towards the end of gestation, a 37 week baby might have a heart rate of 150 bpm but a 42 week baby is likely to have one closer to 120 ( roughly) in addition, like your heart rate, the foetal heart rate will vary according to foetal activity levels, position in relation to the cord/pressure on head/ contractions/ maternal position/ maternal temperature/ maternal heart rate......

It’s impossible to pick out whether the baby is a boy or a girl from a heart rate alone.
The different sounds and rhythms are also misleading, a heart can sound different depending on the position of the ultrasound device and the area it’s pointing at - the device then converts the ultrasound signal to an audible signal. Different monitoring methods create varying sounds, using a pinard stethoscope a foetal heart sounds like a very far away drum beat, whilst a foetal scalp electrode will convert the signal to a beep.
It’s all old wives tales - sorry

bluemoon2468 Wed 26-Aug-20 06:28:47

I'm having a boy and his heartrate's always been on the faster side. He also had a 'girly' nub at 12 weeks, and has basically lived up to every 'girl' old wives tale going 🙈 As a result everyone I know thinks we're having a girl (we haven't told anyone) - looking forward to surprising people 😊

BabyG123 Wed 26-Aug-20 06:33:01

Not true for me. Girls by heart rate and when I've told the midwife they were boys they said they'd never have said that!

Sunshineandsparkle Wed 26-Aug-20 07:15:54

Wrong for me on both occasions.

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