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Frimley Park Hospital - any experiences?

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thewallisblue Thu 20-Aug-20 16:47:21

Just that really. Thinking about giving birth there, even though I live closer to the Royal Surrey. Like the look of Frimley's birth centres.

Any thoughts on either?

Thanks! X

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TH22 Thu 20-Aug-20 16:52:27

I have heard nothing but great experiences! 3 very close friends and my step sister all gave birth there and raves about the care and the birthing suite!

It's where I plan to give birth smile

StarDanced Thu 20-Aug-20 16:55:43

I can't comment on Frimley but I had my ds at Royal Surrey and was hugely impressed by their care and my experience. They have private rooms which was a nice option. I know a number of people who have had their baby there and had a great experience. We now live closer to Frinley but I have just chosen Royal Surrey for this pregnancy too, and have been impressed again with their planned care.

charlotteshouse2008 Thu 20-Aug-20 17:47:37

I had both my girls at Frimley. First was born early and in ICU and the care for both me and the baby was excellent. I can't recommend them enough! Good luck!

FilthyforFirth Thu 20-Aug-20 17:48:54

I am pleased you started this as I am keen to hear from people who have given birth at Frimley during lockdown if possible. I am currently registered there but concerned it seems overly strict with covid guidance compared to other hopsitals, i.e. partners still not allowed to scans etc.

I am likely to have a section and terrified of being there on my own, unable to move or pick my baby up. Really worrying me to the point I am considering changing hospitals.

I am 26 weeks and so far the face to face appts have been lovely but the admin side of things has been pretty poor.

KitKatKit Thu 20-Aug-20 20:50:32

Ooh I'm so glad you started this thread as I'm also due to give birth there soon.
I've heard only positive things from those who have given birth there. My antenatal appointments have all been in the community so only had to go there for my two scans rather than any midwife appointments.

@FilthyforFirth thanks for clarifying about the birthing partner situation there. I'm crossing my fingers they ease off a bit by the autumn 🤞

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