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Whooping Cough Jab and Blood Thinner Injections

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LASandOtto Thu 20-Aug-20 11:13:41

At my 34 week midwife appt the midwife asked if I had had the whooping cough jab and I said no, as at my 28 week one, I had to have the Anti D jab as I'm 0 negative and the midwife at that appointment said it's better to spade them out a little.

The midwife then got a form out and was going to give me the whooping cough jab but we saw that it mentioned on the form that if you're on blood thinner injections (enoxoparin) you cannot have the jab....

As I was told by my doctor to stop the blood thinner injections at 36 weeks, the midwife said I could then ask my GP to get the jab from them as after 34 weeks, the midwife is no longer allowed to administer it. Not sure why!

Anyway, long story short - I'm now 37 weeks and made an appointment tomorrow with the GP on the phone to discuss getting the jab from them.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I know plenty of women are on blood thinner injections so just curious how you handled this?


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Flowers245 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:30:57

Hi I’m on tinzaparin injections to thin my blood I had the whooping cough injection at 19 weeks and nobody told me there was a problem. Why did they say that you can’t have it if you are on blood thinners? Do you have a consultant you can ask?

LASandOtto Thu 20-Aug-20 12:06:47

Thanks @Flowers245. No, no consultant I could ask.

The midwife showed me the form and it does say not to administer it when the patient is on blood thinners, she said it's because the bruising could be really bad?

Anyway, seems like different trusts have different rules on this stuff!

I'll see what the GP says tomorrow 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Flowers245 Thu 20-Aug-20 12:18:12

Ah ok, I didn’t notice bad bruising but definitely worth asking the dr tomorrow. Hope you get it sorted smile

Misty999 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:18:15

I was on clexane during first pregnancy, no one mentioned this and had the whooping cough vaccine at twenty weeks. I was fine no bruising.

TwinkleStars15 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:52:28

I’m on enoxoparin and had the whooping cough jab at 28 weeks, during this pregnancy and my last one. There was nothing on the form that said I couldn’t have it, and I had very minimal bleeding. Makes no sense - you have multiple blood tests and other jabs but not the whooping cough one?! Why would the whooping cough jab be any different? Sounds very odd.

niki26 Thu 20-Aug-20 22:00:01

I've been on blood thinners for this pregnancy and my previous one - had the whooping cough vaccination both times with no bruising at all!

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