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Thack Thu 20-Aug-20 03:02:24

Hi all,

I'm interested in your good, bad or indifferent experiences with pregnancy or baby apps.

I bought Natural Cycles at the start of the year when I came off the pill. I figured it would be a nice way to clear my system without trying yet and not having to use condoms all the time (plus a good chance to trial it as it wouldn't matter if it failed as a contraceptive). My sleeping has been awful so the app didn't work for me and we started trying anyway and were lucky to fall pregnant quickly. Natural cycles changes to a tracker, but it's not designed for it so I think better is out there (plus I don't want to pay for another year, so it won't take me to full term).

Please advise: what have you tried?

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wannabebump Thu 20-Aug-20 05:38:20

I used ovia - it's free, yes it's a little clunky but it did exactly what I needed it to 🙂

Thack Thu 20-Aug-20 18:21:12

Thank you @wannabebump I'll take a look :-)

I'm surprised. Mumsnet don't have an article on this (I can't find one). If an admin happens to read this then a free suggestion to you!

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