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Due February 2021, totally gone off meat! It's so weird

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GrassWasGreener Wed 19-Aug-20 19:21:36

Anyone else? I normally love a bit do steak or roast chicken. Meat in salads or sandwiches and at breakfast. I'm not a total carnivore, I did vegetarian February and March this year to change things up a bit and it was fine ( with the help of a good cook book), didn't even bother with meat alternatives just didn't eat it. I find it best if I don't eat meat everyday, otherwise I feel like I'm carrying it around with me all week but when it is meat day I do enjoy it... not anymore. 13 weeks and 5 days and frankly, not one part of me wants any meat. It doesn't make me feel sick, it just turns my appetite off if it's on the plate. I don't want to touch it or buy it. So peculiar. Got a pre natel appointment next week, won't be surprised if they tell me iron is low confused

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RuthieMc Wed 19-Aug-20 20:54:40

Yep! I’m 14+5 and find myself swapping the meat on my plate with my husbands veg! It happened with my last pregnancy too. It’s the texture that I can’t stomach, so fully prepared for another vegetarian pregnancy!

RestorationInsanity Wed 19-Aug-20 21:04:27

I had this, now 24+5 and preferences have returned almost to normal although there are a few things that I still don't fancy!

I haven't had any problem with iron levels though. If you can eat normally otherwise, lots of dark green leafy veg is good for iron if you are worried.

EvieKC Wed 19-Aug-20 21:40:45

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futuredreams Wed 19-Aug-20 21:49:27

I'm now coming up to 30 weeks and have been off meat mostly since about 7 weeks. I'm managing to eat a little but I never want it. I do compensate with greens a lot. But I always did anyway because I have never eaten red meet really. But there's a few things you can eat in place of it. You can get iron fortified bread and I'm sure there are a few protein alternatives. It's awful tho because it really limits what you can eat I feel. I tried quorn because I would have eaten that before but it's the texture I can't handle. Hopefully your appetite for it comes back soon. X

nicenames Wed 19-Aug-20 21:55:04

I'm the opposite. Meat (in moderation) seems to make me feel a bit more settled in the stomach, whereas cakes or sugary things make me feel terrible - hoping that it is just that one of them makes me feel fuller and settles the stomach more and deals with my slight anaemia better rather than being a diabetes marker or anything.

I think meat is a strong and particular taste, so pretty unsurprising that it turns some people's stomachs.

gonewiththerain Wed 19-Aug-20 21:59:32

I barely ate any meat when I was pregnant, I just couldn’t. I didn’t eat much veg either, I survived on fruit and carbs and grew a decent sized baby in each pregnancy. I was anemic though.

GrassWasGreener Thu 20-Aug-20 06:46:08

Yes @gonewiththerain that's me at the moment. Fruit and carbs are my friends lol

This is 2nd pregnancy and last time, even when I felt awful I found a good steak really helped me. This time, very opposite

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RiteAid Thu 20-Aug-20 09:01:22

I think it’s quite a normal pregnancy aversion!

I wouldn’t worry too much about iron - I’m vegan and my iron levels have been consistently good, despite not supplementing it. Try to keep up with green leafy veg like kale and broccoli and you’ll still have good dietary sources.

Em1194 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:39:14

Oh I’m so pleased to hear someone else has this! I’ve been completely off of meat since about 6 weeks! I’m 14 weeks now and nothing seems to be changing. It’s not that I don’t want to eat it, I just can’t stand the taste anymore! It tastes completely different, and I’m so scared it’ll never get back to normal. Has anyone had it taste different?

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