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Breech at 34w - anyone had this (also moxibustion?)

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StealthLemonade Wed 19-Aug-20 19:17:29

I was breech at my 30 wk scan and now still at 34wks. I have to be rescanned in 2w then the consultant will talk through my options. He mentioned turning and c -sections. I went for turning before, but baby had moved in time so I don't know what to expect like what week do they try, how long I stay in, when a c section would be done if it doesn't work or my vaginal breech birth options. I have done my own googling and apparently my hospital doesn't have any/many specialists for this so I'd have to go one hour away, but then I also saw somewhere else that c section is safer for the baby anyway?
I also came across this moxibustion thing - has it actually ever worked for anyone? I have never felt this baby roll (usually I lay in the bath and can see my others rolling around) so I sort of have a feeling it's breech and likely to stay that way. However, it is my 5th so I recon it's roomy....

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Strawberrypip Wed 19-Aug-20 19:27:23

my baby was breech the whole way through my pregnancy. I was told constantly that she would turn and had plenty of time but I just knew she wouldnt and I'd likely be having a c section. I was scanned at 36 weeks and offered to have her turned shortly after. I said no, was sent to the consultant who offered me c section which I agreed to. was given my date for when I was 39 weeks. they didn't really offer a natural birth but I was fairly adamant on a c section at that point so probably why. I thought baby was quite happy where she was and I just didnt feel comfortable having her turned, although I completely understand why some people want to attest try.

as it happens, my waters went at 38+6 so the day before my planned c section. ended up being an emergency one, was fine although was quite scary due to it being so sudden. my waters went and baby was here less than 2 hours later that's how quick it was! good luck with whatever you decide to do.

TenThousandSpoons0 Thu 20-Aug-20 04:51:25

My first was breech until 34-35 weeks, and this time also breech until 34. I tried the exercises on spinning babies website - worked really well so this one is now head down too smile

Still more likely than not that your baby will turn and this will all be a non-issue!

If it’s baby number 5 for you then that means a)more likely baby would have room to turn either by itself or with ECV, and b) more likely success with vaginal breech delivery than if first baby for example.

Turning baby (ECV) is usually done about 37 weeks. Done in hospital, typically you’d be there a couple of hours for some monitoring first, a scan to check baby’s position, the ECV itself (which can take from a few minutes to maybe 15-20 depending on the consultant), and some more monitoring afterwards. There are previous threads on ECV if you search. I think you’d have a pretty high chance of baby turning easily. Very very rarely there can be complications needing urgent delivery, and vanishingly rarely more severe complications.

If baby stays breech then usually CS booked at 39 weeks. Planned breech vaginal delivery might be an option but you’d have to discuss with your team - I know some units are struggling to offer this with Covid restrictions (as it needs specialised staff on hand). It can be a bit more risky than planned CS - again there are previous threads, your doctors should be able to guide you and take into account your previous births, baby’s size etc to say whether they think it’s a good idea or not.

Hope that helps smile

JunoJigglewick Thu 20-Aug-20 12:33:15

My DS was breech/oblique pretty much all the way through. I had weekly scans 37, 38,39 & 40wks. He was head down at 39 wks then breech with foot down at 40.

The consultant said that the spinning babies exercises were pointless - the baby would either move or not. Or move and move back. And I may as well save my heartburn and not spend time upside down.

I am an hour away from the hospital so had to go in a couple of hours after the last scan in case of labour starting and potential issues with foot or cord descending.

They were reluctant to schedule me in for a c section though, I was not dilated in any way so they must have figured just having me in hospital would mean I could be rushed down for c section asap if needs be. I begged to be scheduled in and was. Night before the baby moved head down. Rescanned in the morning and still head down so had waters broken in theatre and had natural birth.

I had so much fluid I was roughly the size of an elephant. I suspect this enabled the baby to turn around however he wanted whenever he wanted. The consultant was reluctant to do the ECV because of the fact he switched position so much and was highly likely to turn back breech.

I saw all sorts of things like shining a light up yourself so the baby would head towards the light confused and effectively smoking them out. I tried neither. DS was stubborn and I couldn't be bothered.

TenThousandSpoons0 Thu 20-Aug-20 15:15:03

@JunoJigglewick I thought the same about spinning babies until I tried! I can see why the doc would have said pointless with you because of baby’s increased fluid as well, sounds like you had a true spinning baby smile

Prior to trying it myself I was also very sceptical, and I think there’s not much evidence for it making a difference to delivery. I think it’s true that if baby is going to turn they’ll probably do it anyway - but gosh it was nice when baby just did it for me essentially on command with the exercises, rather than having to wait and stress about it for another couple of weeks. I’m now less of a sceptic for that alone! But we will see if she turns back again!!

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