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AlviesMam Wed 19-Aug-20 11:21:39

My midwife has said any movement should be reassuring aslong as your feeling movement. She told me not count kicks she just told me to find what's normal for me. So I go along with if I feel her moving morning and evening then I shouldn't worry. I think reduced movement is her not moving as much as u normally would feel x

biscuit13 Wed 19-Aug-20 10:08:05

@Sophiej99 hey, so they say any change in movements you should call, so i called up last week baceause baby had not moved much in the afternoon, thrn kicked loads in the evening so I felt reassured again and then all morning didnt feel much apart from a few pokes which was weird (normally wriggly baby in the morning) I explained all of that to them and they still wanted me to come in and be monitored. They really would rather check you, they were so lovely to me even though I had explained that I'd felt the odd poke, they said if I was worried then they would rather check.
So definitely DO NOT wait until you feel NO movements, if movements feel less or different, call them! Honestly if you are worried enough to make a post then i think its worth calling up smile

Sophiej99 Wed 19-Aug-20 08:56:25

When 'reduced movements' comes into perspective is it only if Your not feeling much or any movement at all or is it to do with more than movements?

For instance if I had been feeling movements but not kicks should that be a cause for concern?

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