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Are these considered kicks ?

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kirstenn123 Tue 18-Aug-20 21:47:48

Currently 14+4 weeks with first pregnancy , a couple of times today I have felt a little strange sensation in the left hand side of my lower stomach

It doesn't feel like kicks ( not that I'd know how they felt ) it feels like tugging / pressure / moving / slightly fluttering with no pain
Not the best description I know , but that's the best I can describe it 😂

OH has googled it 🙄 & has seen apparently you can feel kicking at 14 weeks ?

Anyone else experience something similar ?

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custardbear Tue 18-Aug-20 21:59:34

Could be, or it may be your physiology changing.
I felt DC2 move at 15+1 for about 3-4 days then nothing for 10 dats, think it was the angle he was at - could feel his whole foot or hand moving right across me for dayS!


Pieface123 Tue 18-Aug-20 21:59:51

I felt flutters at about 14 weeks then not a lot more until 22 weeks, now baby is moving around constantly! This is DC3 as well, people say you can feel kicks earlier if its not your first but I haven't found this true at all!

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