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ChlOeWh Tue 18-Aug-20 21:11:46

so I'm currently 30+5 and baby hasn't moved an awful lot today, I've felt the odd movement here and there but a lot less than normal, I didn't want to ring midwife/MAU straight off as I don't want to over react as there has been the odd kick today but compared to normal it's been hardly any!

What would you ladies do?

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flossiegrippiter Tue 18-Aug-20 21:26:06

I would call the pregnancy helpline, when I was worried about the same thing I found them very helpful and reassuring when I was torn what to do

Daisysandviolets Tue 18-Aug-20 21:27:10

I'm 34 weeks and my midwife said you should feel regular movements so if you have had a reduction give them a call. I'm sure baby will be fine and just having a quiet day but better to get checked out so give them a call x

RiteAid Tue 18-Aug-20 21:34:15

I was told that any reduction in movements should be reported. It’s almost certainly nothing to worry about but I would still contact your midwife to he sure.

ChlOeWh Tue 18-Aug-20 22:25:56

I've started a kick counter, it's been just a couple of minutes over an hour and I have one kick recorded so far.. but it wasn't as strong as normal just a little one

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Sanch1 Tue 18-Aug-20 22:27:39

Phone immediately! A marked reduction over the whole of today needs to be looked at urgently. Please call now, don't wait until the morning.

maryberryslayers Tue 18-Aug-20 22:33:05

Have you not received any information from your midwife/notes/online on what to do if you feel a reduction in movements?

If not, I'll tell you- you ring the MAU. You are not 'over reacting' or taking up anyone's time. It clearly states you should not wait. They will tell you whether to come in or not.

For goodness sake OP ring the MAU now that's what they are there for.

ChlOeWh Tue 18-Aug-20 22:53:27

So In the past 20/30 minutes I've reached my 10 kicks! I've let out a slight sigh of relief just due to reading 10 kicks in 2 hours is okay?

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annlee3817 Tue 18-Aug-20 22:58:27

It is anything outside the usual pattern you should be getting checked out. So if ten kicks in an hour and baby normally moves more than than you need to get it checked out. Just not worth the risk IMO

OnlyFoolsnMothers Tue 18-Aug-20 22:59:44

Honestly just call and get checked out- it’s better to be safe

Sanch1 Tue 18-Aug-20 23:05:24

@ChlOeWh no that's not ok, it's outdated and wrong advice for the U.K. If your baby normally moves 40 times in 2 hours for example then 10 is low, any change in normal pattern needs to be investigated. Please call your maternity unit and ask to be monitored.

theresaplaceforus Tue 18-Aug-20 23:06:09

If the movements have reduced compared to normal then you should call in and get checked. I’ve been in twice (currently 31+6) and both times I’m glad I did and wasn’t made to feel like I was a nuisance in any way at all. I called called up for high BP which I monitor at home - felt more silly calling about that but they told me to come in and then admitted me after monitoring me for a while!
If something doesn’t feel right - call.

RobynNora Tue 18-Aug-20 23:25:07

Another one to chime in with give ‘em a call right now! They may well just tell you to keep monitoring. I’m betting baby’s healthy and happy, but this is the one time you don’t even want to take the tiniest chance

lolalolalol Tue 18-Aug-20 23:49:23

I'd ring op, as pp have said it's about your baby's movement pattern vs getting to a set number.

Chances are baby will make you feel like a fool by having a good dance whilst you're on the monitor but it's best to be cautious.

WhatWouldPennyDo Wed 19-Aug-20 08:48:36

I had a similar situation these past few days. I called the pregnancy advice line and they arranged for me to go in for monitoring within the hour (take me longer than that to get there!). They treated it very seriously and made the excellent point that I know my baby better than the kicks count website does.

The heart trace was fine but going in this morning for a full scan, just to be on the safe side.

Don’t take the risk of not calling!

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