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Any top tips to reduce leg/ankle swelling ...I look like Nora Batty!

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unicorn Wed 03-Oct-07 22:28:36

Am 38 weeks, and whilst my legs/feet have never been particularly sylph like, today my feet are cornish pasties, merging into my pilsbury dough legs (ankles have gone walkabout somewhere!)

Didn't have this at all with my previous 2 pregnancies, so bit of a shockas you'd imagine.

No headache/bp problems (have an appt tomorrow and will check again)so not too worried... but would like to look semi - human if at all possible.

So, any suggestions to reduce the swelling more than welcome.

HotLove Thu 04-Oct-07 08:03:44

keep them up as much as possible. do you have high BP?

unicorn Thu 04-Oct-07 08:27:09

Hi, No Blood pressure has been ok so far... I just think I am quite heavy so lots of pressure on legs/feet.

Anyone know if those support tights do any good?
I have got a hospital appt today, may ask for some surgical stockings (yak!)

SuperMonkey Thu 04-Oct-07 08:29:19

Legs raised up in bed at night - however much I kept them up in the day, it was only really the night that helped. Not particularly comfortable, but then is anything at 38 weeks?

Wizzska Thu 04-Oct-07 13:41:03

I had this for a while. I slept in flight socks (mmm attractive!) and made sure I put my feet up whenever possible. They went down again after a couple of weeks - not sure if that was due to the weather turning though and it getting cooler.

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