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Whooping cough injection

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user1465146157 Tue 18-Aug-20 10:00:10

Hi - I'm 31 weeks and not had this - is it too late or can I have it now?

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yukka Tue 18-Aug-20 10:16:17

You should be able to get it, it protects baby once born but call your midwife.

Chocforthewin Tue 18-Aug-20 10:39:33

I had mine done at 32 weeks, you will be able to get it done OPthanks

Rainbowafterthestorm Tue 18-Aug-20 14:38:55

I’m having a bit of a nightmare with mine as there is high chance I’ll have an allergic reaction to it so I’ve been referred to an immunology consultant and they keep mentioning ‘32 weeks’. Apparently you can have it right up to birth but it’s advisable to have it before 32 weeks. I’d ring your midwife today, mine has told me that it’s a 2 minute thing so she can add me on to the end of a clinic one day or I can pop to the hospital antenatal clinic and I don’t need an appointment

Sanch1 Tue 18-Aug-20 14:54:41

Your GP can do it, might be easier than going through GP or hospital.

user1465146157 Tue 18-Aug-20 18:40:37

thank you all for responses - I've asked the GP and their nurse is on holiday at the moment so I can only get it at 33 weeks - no one has told me there was a deadline for this, just saw on google.

Also the nurse on holiday may be quarantined so I'm being told to hope she gets back in time....!

There's been no sense of urgency about this from my midwife appointments so a bit worried now.

@Rainbowafterthestorm good luck I hope it all works out! x

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Scubalubs87 Tue 18-Aug-20 20:03:41

I’ll be 36 weeks when I have mine next week. Not optimal but better than not having it done. I’ve had several appointments cancelled as nurses at my practice have quit or been ill.

TenThousandSpoons0 Tue 18-Aug-20 23:09:08

The 32 weeks is so that there’s time for your body to create antibodies and for baby to then receive those antibodies - giving baby protection after birth. Past 32 weeks the antibody transfer to baby may be a little less - but it will still protect you from catching it, and therefore protects baby from exposure too.
If it helps, people are being so cautious with illness/hand washing etc now that I think pertussis risk will be pretty low. Worth getting baby’s other close carers vaccinated though - eg partner or close family members.

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