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Anyone else had enough of life! Metaphorically speaking of course!

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lockdownpregnancy Mon 17-Aug-20 21:00:28

I'm so done!! 34 weeks pregnant and I've just had enough of life! I'm struggling to get around and when I do do something I'm done in within around 10 minutes and have to sit down!
I can't get off the sofa without help, nor the bed or off the floor! Struggling to dress myself and all in the knowledge I still have 6 weeks left!
Whilst I love my job I literally cannot wait to finish in a couple of weeks so I can literally sit and do naff all until baby arrives!
Anyone else feel like this? It can't just be me can it? 😫😫😫

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Viletta Mon 17-Aug-20 21:13:33

I'm 33 and started feeling really tiered and heavy. I'll try to have a walk when the rain stops, I think that'll help. Try to have as much rest as possible and delegate house work. It's probably a combination of bad weather, hormonal surges and of course heaviness of the bump. Hopefully it'll get better during these weeks! I'd suggest having a stretch on the yoga ball, having healthy diet and drink water. Hopefully that'll help.

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