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Almost 4yr age gap

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UnicornAndSparkles Mon 17-Aug-20 15:38:40

Received my BFP today and still in some shock as we weren't going to start trying for another few months/a year.

Of course it's very early days.

My daughter has just turned 3 and will be 4 months off age 4 when baby arrives, 4 months off going to school.

Is this a decent age gap?? I'm worried about going back to the sleepless nights and whether we should have been more careful to wait until DD is in school.

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SockQueen Mon 17-Aug-20 16:44:19

No good worrying now if you should have been more careful, what's done is done. It's a very normal age gap though, longer than many, less than others. I have 3y10m between me and my sister and think it worked quite well for my parents, though I didn't start school for almost a year after she was born. As long as your DD isn't actually in your room, she's unlikely to be woken by the baby at night, so while it will be a disruption for her, it won't be the same as it is for you!

My DSs are slightly closer in age (2y8m) and it's been harder in some ways and easier in others.

speakfriendandenter Mon 17-Aug-20 18:20:13

DD1 & DD2 have a 3yr 9m gap, DD2 & DD3 have a 3yr 7m gap, DD3 and baby 4 will have a gap of 2yrs 10m.
I have been lucky that on the whole my children have been good sleepers. We have survived ok. I liked the gaps we had because the girls were able to understand what was happening and they were lovely with the new baby.
Good luck!

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