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I’m over worrying and need advice..

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Nicola1989s Mon 17-Aug-20 10:35:04

This is a bit of a sensitive post but needing advice.. 4 years ago I had my little boy. I already had 2 children, third wasn’t planned but I wasn’t in a good place, just didn’t really realise it. Pregnancy was awful, lots of complications but he arrived safely and I continued to spiral. Health visitor was fantastic and put it down to postnatal depression. I took it out on my partner massively and one day, kids were at school and baby was asleep when I had a massive meltdown and said some awful things, my partner tapped (wasn’t really a slap) me on the face which did snap me out of it a bit but I called the police as I was worried for me. I took my baby to my mums and my kids dad picked them up from school for the night. Police were amazing, helped me loads and put me through to therapy. They did have to caution my partner as he told them himself what happened. A report was sent to social services but nothing came of it as it was deemed an isolated case with no risk and no kids present. Anyway, fast forward 4 years. Things are so different. I’m in a wonderful place, my partner and me are stronger then ever and I’m expecting again. So happy and excited BUT I’m scared that the health visitor or midwife will say I’m unfit because of what happened. Will they refer me to social services over that incident 4 years ago, will they penalise me for post natal depression or anxiety? Nothing has occurred since and my kids are happy, healthy and loved. Am I overthinking all this? Sorry for the long post xx

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lockdownpregnancy Mon 17-Aug-20 10:54:25

I can understand your concern but I do think you're worrying for no reason. They can't hold PPD against you! It's something that happened to you and you got through it, the social services won't be round looking to take your children off because of that.
Hopefully you will be offered more support this time just in case to help you through.
All being well you won't have it again but as you have suffered in the past I hope the NHS will support you right from the word go!
All the best 💐

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