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Coping with anxiety between scans

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Ginfilledcats Mon 17-Aug-20 09:46:43

This was exactly me. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks last year and was devastated.
Got pregnant a few months later, had a scan at 11+6 due to loss of symptoms (scan was fine and symptoms came roaring back about an hour after the scan) then my 12 wk scan a few days later.

I spent so much time agonising and worrying about this pregnancy so I feel your pain.

Get in touch with your ante natal mental health team - they were great for me talking through my concerns, they told me the true facts and reassured me constantly. I ended up having lots of extra scans due to reduced movements. So much so that for the last 10 weeks I had a weekly appointment for monitoring on the ctg, to see the consultant and have a scan, the consultant considered inducing me early due to my anxiety, but I gave birth naturally on my due date and have my nearly 3m old daughter snoozing on my lap currently! Weirdly as soon as I we t into labour all my anxieties melted away! I just KNEW without a doubt I'd be bringing home a healthy baby.

So obviously the above isn't a good example of how not to be anxious but it's an example I hope that it can be normal/expected in yours/our circumstances, and that there was a positive outcome at the end.

Things I'd suggest to you:
1) get off google, it's awful for frightening you
2) tell your midwife of your anxieties and get referred to ante natal midwives
3) tell your gp and get referred for counselling (I did this too late and only got an appointment the day before I gave birth. Would have been more helpful early on)
4) rest, eat and drink right
5) try and find things to distract you so you don't obsess (lock down made me worse: no work and home alone all day to antagonise over things)
6) give yourself a break

I really really understand how you feel and it's awful. Try to enjoy your pregnancy because before long your healthy little one will be with you! Get the right support, but if you're worried call the midwives and be checked out. I was never once turned away or made to feel a fool of

Good luck x

Shopaholic29 Mon 17-Aug-20 09:46:39

Sorry to hear of your previous loss. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I am 13w1d today, and I too feel like in a limbo phase. I had a mmc discovered at 12 week scan last year and with this pregnancy have had a private scan and my nhs dating scan, both were fine. But I am still worrying about everything. I am thinking of booking a private 16 week scan, just to check everything is okay. Not sure if the 16 week midwife appointment in my area will be face to face or over the phone due to Covid still, so not sure they will be checking heartbeat. It's tough in the stage where you don't feel any movement yet and just want to know everything's okay! X

Annasarahlou Mon 17-Aug-20 09:30:08

Any advice would be great x

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Annasarahlou Mon 17-Aug-20 09:29:48

Hi all,

I am 13weeks 2 days pregnant, had 2 private scans and my dating scan on weekend both scans fine strong hb etc, my blood results fine too, I am a healthy person dont drink smoke etc I am just paranoid as hell something will go wrong, had a MC a yr ago which I think is where this anxiety stems from, read online the stats on a MC after 12 weeks being low but I am also reading so many horror stories, and things that cause stillbirths etc and with only having 2 nhs scans im wondering how complications would even get picked up if something was wrong inbetween those scans, I am in the period where scans have been fine but not feeling movement so im driving myself mad, So far I have been given no reason to worry but still am! I have been advised against a doppler I think that might make anxiety worse, I dont know what week midwives listen to HB my next visit is 16wks, I am sure it wont be then

How did everyone else cope with anxiety between scans etc? X

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