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Pram/pushchair apron necessary?

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moonsurferpig Sun 16-Aug-20 21:31:43

FTM here and curious..! I have a second hand Mothercare Orb. It didn't come with the apron cover (think that's what it's called) or a newborn insert/mattress. Are these necessary or do blankets suffice? I don't want baby to be uncomfortable and it seems like she would be as the pram currently is. New to all this so any advice will be much appreciated! If this would be better posted elsewhere let me know.

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Blankblankblank Mon 17-Aug-20 07:36:20

The apron will stop blankets getting wet in the rain & keep baby warmer & the insert would be more comfortable to lie on.
Both are for sale on eBay for not very much so, personally, I would get them.

RemyHadley Mon 17-Aug-20 07:44:06

You need both.

Sootikinstew Mon 17-Aug-20 07:45:41

I never used the pram apron. No point if you also have a rain over (and why wouldn't you have a rain over if it's raining?)

KitKatastrophe Mon 17-Aug-20 07:46:11

When is your baby due? We never used the footmuff thing much but had a spring baby so she was older by the time winter rolled around so we just put her in a warmer outfit. I would buy a matress though because it more comfy and babies tend to nap in the pram a lot.

moonsurferpig Mon 17-Aug-20 09:15:58

Thanks for the responses, currently browsing eBay :-) baby is due in November so will need ultimate cosy-ness in her pram!

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