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Implantation bleeding?

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Justme1235 Sun 16-Aug-20 19:28:22

I have the flo app and don't measure temp for ovulation, but my last period was 15th July, my app tells me next period was due today... But 28 days from my last period was last Wednesday. Had sex before, on and after estimated ovulation. However since Tuesday I have have been spotting, it's ranged from yellow, brown and clear with ever slight tinge of streaks of blood. This has been on and off, this morning (Sunday) it was there when I wiped but nothing for the rest of the day. All the days I've had spotting there is nothing in my pants and has had no need for a pad, it is only when I wipe. Is this implantation bleeding or has it gone in too long for it to be that? I have had really sore boobs, veins prominent and I've had white little dots around nipples but all that over the last 3 days have disappeared. Super tired though. Any ideas or advice? I did take a pregnancy test Tuesday and Wednesday but both negative.

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