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Am I definitely pregnant?

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NinaCoco Mon 24-Aug-20 16:58:29

Thankyou everyone. I took another digital test yesterday and I am now at the 2-3 week window so somethings DEFINITLEY happening smile

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Trashtara Tue 18-Aug-20 15:01:42


80% of people have symptoms by 8 weeks. The remaining 20% don't get any.

LoveSunshine01 Tue 18-Aug-20 14:55:21

Yep, was in exactly the same boat, can def happen that quickly. I was in complete shock!

Congratulations!! flowers

Sanch1 Mon 17-Aug-20 08:24:56

Sounds like you're pregnant to me! I've got pregnant first month of trying on two occasions, it's not that uncommon smile

UserFriendly14 Sun 16-Aug-20 21:01:11


Yes wanted to add that I found out I was pregnant both times before I had an symptoms. First was sickness about 3 days after test and second was more of a slow oncoming of symptoms.

Sometimes it can be that easy and that quickly. From what I understand false positives are hard to come by.

Grumpy19 Sun 16-Aug-20 20:50:38

Congratulations flowers

I didn't have any symptoms this time round till 6 weeks.

NinaCoco Sun 16-Aug-20 18:31:58

Me and my partner recently decided to start a family. I haven’t been tracking my period and wasn’t sure when I was next due but was ready to start tracking properly as soon as I was. In the mean time we had unprotected sex twice on the off chance (first time 31st July) and the second on 2nd August I think. I took a Clearblue digital pregnancy test on my first wee this morning, just to check I WASNT and I got a 1-2 weeks pregnant wording. Took a different test later in the day and it showed positive as well. Is it common to have false positives? All I keep thinking is surely it couldn’t have happened that quickly and I’m now worrying I’m one of the medical anomalies which shows the hormone for other reasons? I haven’t had any symptoms I just feel normal. Just looking for any advice and I really truly hope this doesn’t come across insensitive for people who have been trying a long time.

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