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I’m I overthinking? So worried!

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Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:17:06

Hi all! I had my 20 week anomaly scan on Wednesday and the sonographer said all looked ok, just that baby was small and didn’t say it was worrisome. I went to a private scan yesterday where they did a 3D glimpse and I can see a line going down from the nose to the lips on the 3D pic which is worrying me so much. I’m wondering if baby might have cleft lip ?? Can you see what I see? I’m so worried.

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LBB2020 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:20:57

If there were any concerns they would have told you. Scan pictures always look weird, my DS looked like he had a nose like Pinocchio on his scans! (he has a tiny button nose!)

SleepingStandingUp Sun 16-Aug-20 11:23:30

The hospital would have checked baby's face specifically because cleft lip is one of the things they're looking for. That's why if you can't get a face shot, them make you keep coming back until they do.

So I really think baby's face is fine.

The hospital would never withhold this kind of information.

The private place would also flag any medical concerns

Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:25:56

@LBB2020 that’s the only thing reassuring me, surely they would have said something at the 20 week scan. But then I’m wondering what this line is which can see very properly going down from the nose to the lip.

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IncludeWomenInTheSequel Sun 16-Aug-20 11:27:37

I think someone would have noticed it over the course of two separate scans.

Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:30:19

@SleepingStandingUp oh ok, I didn’t know cleft lip is something they’re looking for at the 20 week scan. I know the sonographer looked at baby’s profile is that the same as looking at baby’s face?

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Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:32:13

@IncludeWomenInTheSequel I hope that is the case and my eyes are just seeing things it shouldn’t. ;(

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OverTheRainbow88 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:32:51

Cleft lip is checked at 20 week scan, cleft palate isn’t.

Cleft lip can be ‘fixed’ once born, often just leaving a thin line scar.

Chl00 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:33:45

They checked for cleft lip at my 20week nhs scan, I remember because he had big lips and she was like yep he clearly doesn’t have cleft lip or anything

SleepingStandingUp Sun 16-Aug-20 11:38:04


*@SleepingStandingUp* oh ok, I didn’t know cleft lip is something they’re looking for at the 20 week scan. I know the sonographer looked at baby’s profile is that the same as looking at baby’s face?

I think it's part of it I think. It can be an indicator of other things wrong and one they can see from the scan fairly clearly I think so it's definitely something they check off.
But even with the conditions theyre not specifically looking for, any congenital deformities would be flagged, you'd be told and they'd be looked into

Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:43:01

@OverTheRainbow88 honestly hoping it’s just a shadow.

@Chl00 the sonographer mentioned nothing about the face, so I’m wondering if he even checked it properlyz

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Jazzy1990 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:44:30

@SleepingStandingUp hoping that they would have realized in the 20 week scan if something was off, and they checked it. I just don’t remember the sonographer mentioning anything about the face.

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SleepingStandingUp Sun 16-Aug-20 11:47:08

If something was so obvious you could identify it on the scan, the divisive at the hospital and then the one doing the private scan would have. Honestly op, it isn't something they'd have glossed over. Are you sure any more hospital scans?

Thesnakeminder Mon 17-Aug-20 12:26:20

Cleft lip is one of the auditable conditions checked for at the anomaly scan. You would be surprised to know just how much of your babies anatomy is actually checked at the scan and often the sonographer is concentrating and will survey much of the anatomy without mentioning it to you. Please don’t worry. Social scans like 4d are not diagnostic and often do look odd.

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