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Early symptoms have disappeared

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YorkshireBee Sun 16-Aug-20 10:33:38

I’m about 6+5 with my second. I’ve been feeling sick and off my food from about 6 weeks, and weeing a bit more than usual. I threw up yesterday morning which seemed to ease the nausea yesterday, though still couldn’t face eating much.
Today, I woke up hungry, nausea pretty much gone. I don’t have sore boobs or anything else. Last time, the nausea lasted a good few weeks, along with sore boobs and a really strong sense of smell, plus a strange taste in my mouth.
Should I be concerned? At what point can I access advice or help? Obviously I’ve not had a booking in appointment or anything yet, and was going to go for an early reassurance scan in a couple of weeks, but not yet. Will a pregnancy test show if anything has changed? Thanks.

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CookieSW Sun 16-Aug-20 14:42:31

Hey there, a pregnancy test will not show you anything unfortunately as HCG can still be detected in your urine even if you are no longer pregnant.
For me being pregnant didn't even hit me untila few scans - (paid for 2 additional ones) I would 'feel' pregnant one day and be convinced as everything felt normal the next. What you are feeling is 'normal', and as every pregnancy differs you can not even have the reassurance of your last experiences to compare to.
I would just say that you know your body works to grow and deliver a baby already, so that is the reassurance. I am sure you are fine, just relax and enjoy those days you are feeling 'normal' because it comes and goes at the start (at least it did for me). Spend many days NOT FEELING PREGNANT!
It's a shame that we are pretty much left alone at the beginning of our pregnancies with no medical support, as they see this as 'early stages' but actually we are pregnant and still need the care we receive later on in pregnancy. I can only draw on my own experience, and as soon as you 'feeling' those pains and sickness you will be reassured.... but see those feeling 'normal' days as the break your body is giving you in between. smile

chloxhunt Sun 16-Aug-20 14:50:36

You're probably okay, it's when you start spotting is when you need to be concerned even though that is sometimes normal, my boobs only tend to hurt if I've been wearing a bra all day, my symptoms had disappeared yesterday and I was spotting so I was worried but my boobs are still sore and my sense of smell is still insane and the thought of some foods make me literally gag! Eventually symptoms disappear anyway it's just everyone's different

YorkshireBee Sun 16-Aug-20 16:33:41

Thanks both. That’s very reassuring. I’m sure you’re right and I should try to appreciate those days when I feel better! I suddenly came over completely exhausted this afternoon, despite sleeping 10+ hours last night, and had to go for a nap - clearly not quite ‘normal’!

@CookieSW you’re completely right, I had forgotten this bizarre time when all you have is pee on a stick to tell you there’s something going on. Last time I remember worrying the first scan would show nothing and I’d been completely imagining it! I’ll just try to relax and enjoy the better days... Thanks again.

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