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32 weeks and sometimes when My stomach is full up, it’s harder to feel baby. Is that normal

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mandy29xx Sun 16-Aug-20 01:26:54

Strange question I guess. I have no concerns with baby movement feel her everyday etc however if I am feeling really full “ate well that day” haha then it’s harder to feel her movements but I guess that’s cause of food? Bloated feeling? And sometimes after I eat it’s like she naps?? I know people say it’s opposite for them once they eat baby goes crazy?
Anyway just curious anyone else experience this?

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mandy29xx Sun 16-Aug-20 01:28:16

I do feel her everyday etc and no concerns though some days she goes crazy moving about and other days it’s more relaxed quiet but I do still feel her but she defo has days where she isn’t moving as crazy or strongly but that’s cause she moves positions smile

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Lola871 Sun 16-Aug-20 09:00:58

I'm 27 weeks and have noticed that if I have a big meal it seems to delay the baby moving. It normally moves a lot at half 8 at night for example, it might not start until half 9.

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