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Notifying work

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Snorlax86 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:19:32

I was just wondering when people started to tell work they were pregnant? I’m working from home currently so it’s easier to hide, I’ve also had really high pregnancy anxiety so haven’t really told anyone other than our mums. My initial plan was to wait until the 20 week scan/when I get the MatB1 form, but I’m not sure if that’s too late or if I should do it sooner. I really like my manager and no issues about being treated unfairly, it’s just the pregnancy anxiety really and not wanting to tell people until I absolutely have to. Any advice/suggestions appreciated

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bee222 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:36:51

I’ve been working from home during lockdown. I told my manager at 8 weeks. I get along really well with her and she supported me a lot through my previous miscarriages. I then officially notified them after my 20 week scan when I got my MATB1 form. I had to walk into the office to hand it in so I think a few people noticed I had a bit of a bump, but they didn’t say anything as they probably didn’t want to offend me in case it was a biscuit baby. I haven’t done any announcements about my pregnancy anywhere. Only very close family and work know.

Snorlax86 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:42:56

Thanks @bee222 that’s helpful, I’m thinking I should probably tell my manager before the 20 weeks too. Sorry to hear about your previous miscarriages.

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FluffyKittensinabasket Sat 15-Aug-20 16:26:24

Told them at 4 weeks for risk assessments and to continue WFH.

Huge public sector organisation.

SmileyT Sat 15-Aug-20 17:19:34

I think it's a personal choice, you have up until 15 weeks before due date to officially notify them. I wasn't planning on telling my manager until about 23weeks, I don't work for a small company so work load could've easily been distributed in the 3months I had left. But I'm reality I had my first f2f with manager since Feb on Friday and she was asking so much about how I felt about my MC in March it felt awkward not to tell her, even though I'm only 9weeks 😬 Another thing I thought was if I sadly MC again I'd have to tell her for time off to go into hospital for surgery and the conversation would be easier if she was aware 😔

Peach1204 Sat 15-Aug-20 17:23:25

At the moment I'm part furlough part working so I want to wait until I'm back to full time. I don't think there's any risk to my job but I'd rather not take that risk right now.

FluffyKittensinabasket Sat 15-Aug-20 18:47:28

Also, I’m not going back after my mat leave so I couldn’t care less what they think! Just need to get through to April!

mobear Sat 15-Aug-20 21:31:29

I told work at 14 weeks even though I was nervous, as I had about 6 weeks holiday to take meaning I’d be off for even longer and felt bad about giving them too short notice.

TruffleMama Sat 15-Aug-20 21:49:44

I told my line manager the day after I found out I was pregnant. I had no choice really as I'm a front line emergency services worker and it wouldn't be wise for me to continue my normal role whilst pregnant.

I was immediately put on restricted duties (desk duties). This posed an issue. I was not ready to tell my colleagues at such an early stage of my pregnancy. So my line manager and I agreed we'd say an old injury had flared up until I was ready to announce my news. I felt bad telling a fib to my colleagues, but I knew they would understand.

Snorlax86 Sat 15-Aug-20 22:40:07

Thanks all for sharing, it’s definitely helped flowers

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MichelleOR84 Sun 16-Aug-20 09:41:29

I hear ya! I didn’t announce it until I was 20 weeks ( I told family at 16 weeks ). I actually did tell my boss at 13 weeks though ( I was in lockdown and easily could have waited) however I knew if something went wrong I would need time off work . So if I going to tell them regardless I figured I might as do it now ! They knew I was trying and weren’t surprised and very happy for me .

KeepSmiling89 Sun 16-Aug-20 09:53:19

Hi OP. I wasn't planning to tell my manager until I'd had my 12 Week scan but I've booked a meeting with her to discuss as I need time off to go to the scan. I'll be just under 8 weeks when we speak.

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