Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington

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ChatWithMe Sat 15-Aug-20 12:34:12


I had an unpleasant postnatal experience at this hospital early 2018. I'm going to deliver again there early 2021. Worried that staff shortage (or poor staff quality) will make it difficult to look after myself and baby postnatally (if we're admitted like last time) due to Covid restricted visiting times. I depended on my husband a lot last time.

Anyone had their baby there in the last year or two and want to share their experiences?


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Eggy18 Mon 17-Aug-20 11:29:56

Why was it unpleasant? I am 25 weeks pregnant and so far I am very unhappy with their care, this is my second pregnancy, but the first one at Princess Royal, as I was living in central London for my first.

I am not sure if the lack of care is due to Covid or just the way they are there.

ChatWithMe Mon 17-Aug-20 15:18:43

Hi Eggy18. Thanks for your reply.

I had an induction around 38 weeks. I was happy with the care I received prior to that on the maternal assessment unit. I was also happy with the labour actually. The first midwife who started me on induction pessary and monitoring was lovely.

However after the baby was born I went to postnatal ward. There were two people that were really uncaring. One was the midwife I had on nights (I was on that ward Monday to Wednesday nights). Another was a student who was rude to a non English speaking woman who sat on the wrong bed not realising about infection control rules, poor thing.

Anyway this midwife not only told me off for making a mess of the bed with blood and urine (from a catheter that kept coming apart) but had no compassion for me in severe pain from the trauma of a forceps delivery. I had to repeatedly track her down pleading for pain meds (wandering the corridors at night in pain and worried about leaving my baby alone). I sometimes couldn't feed my baby right away when he cried as no one answered my calls (I couldn't sit up and then pickhim up from the side cot due to stabbing pains in my nether regions).The room was hot and I didn't want my baby at risk of SIDs so intentionally removed the hat placed on his head. She tried replacing it and said babies need to keep warm so I had to explain the actual risk of harm from overheating.

I hope you have a better experience but do record names if any poor care!

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Charlottie01 Thu 01-Apr-21 16:13:05

I feel somewhat the same.. during covid it was clearly evident they relied upon phone calls rather than seeing you in person. I often had to chase them and you never got hold of anyone.

InTheFamilyTree Fri 02-Apr-21 02:12:07

I'm also due to give birth in the PRUH shortly, it will be the first time for me so not sure what to expect. However I had a very similar experience to yours OP at Lewisham.

From what I've read and heard, post natal wards generally are not great, not enough staff etc so might be worth thinking how to minimise the discomfort now. Not ideal I know! At least they're visiting hours are now decent, 12-6 apparently.

EdgeOfACoin Fri 02-Apr-21 07:41:30

This all sounds a bit worrying.

Has anyone had any good experiences at PRUH?

SydneyCarton Fri 02-Apr-21 07:54:53

I had a baby in 2018 at the PRUH and it was a great experience. I was on the midwife led unit and had a water birth; the two midwives were both lovely. It was my third baby and second VBAC and they were very good about letting me onto the midwife unit rather than the labour ward (although they would have whisked me off straight away if there’d be any trouble).

My first two births were at Lewisham and again no problems there, the staff were all great. I didn’t like the postnatal ward with my first birth however; the staff were nice but very busy, I’d had a csection and was quite uncomfortable and some of the other mums were constantly talking late into the night or bringing in takeaways. I just wanted to get out and go home with my baby. That was really the only low point of all three births though smile


scrivette Fri 02-Apr-21 08:08:47

I last gave birth at the PRU in 2017 and I found all of the midwives good, busy but efficient. I also asked for help with breastfeeding and was given the extra help.

My first births were in the Oasis Unit, the Midwifery Led Unit in the PRU, it's amazing, very calming and quiet although you can only go there if you have a low risk pregnancy. Have you spoken about it with your midwife?

ChatWithMe Mon 05-Apr-21 13:26:17

Hi all. I didn't realise anyone was still posting on this thread from last year. Thanks for the additional reviews! I hadn't baby at the PRUH last month. It was just as awful on postnatal ward as the first time but for reasons I don't feel like going into. The birth was an emergency forceps but actually was the nicest part lol Great doctors and amazing consultant. Some midwives very kind but a few bad apples among the midwifery, health care assistant and medical teams. Anyhow I'm happy to be home with my baby and to have avoided a C-section. Good luck for anyone having their baby at the PRUH and definitely go for the birthing pool in the Oasis if you get the chance - really lovely :-D

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ChatWithMe Mon 05-Apr-21 13:27:35

Sorry that should read I had my baby at the PRUH last month.

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Charlottie01 Mon 05-Apr-21 14:34:35

@ChatWithMe, who was your consultant?

ChatWithMe Mon 05-Apr-21 14:57:42

Hi Charlottie01 my consultant was Mr Hassan.

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scrivette Tue 06-Apr-21 22:29:02

Ahh congratulations OP. thanks

ChatWithMe Wed 07-Apr-21 17:12:26

Thanks scrivette :-)

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