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Pregnancy Scan picture help

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Scoobysue1985 Fri 14-Aug-20 11:58:35

Hey all,
I wondered where I can get some advice from. I had to undergo a full hysterectomy in January of this year because of stage 4 Endometriosis. I never did get to have a child. However, I fell pregnant age 19 and I had a scan done at 18wks and 4 days (I was unable to carry to term) but looking at the scan again now I'm older, it doesn't look normal but no one ever said anything although thinking back now, they turned the screen away from me and had someone else come and look at the screen.

Please don't judge me, I was in a very bad place at the time and was very unwell myself in a mental health way and my partner then was blackmailing me. I already blame myself for this and see the hysterectomy as some sort of Karma but I just need to know if the scan was normal because it really looks odd to me.


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TenThousandSpoons0 Fri 14-Aug-20 20:42:03

You haven’t attached a picture? But honestly - if something was abnormal on the scan they would have told you. I’m sorry you’re having these thoughts - do you think some counselling would be helpful? Sounds like you have a lot on your mind.

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