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Sanch1 Fri 14-Aug-20 07:23:18

Does anyone else have pain in their pelvic area right in the front of the vagina? Mostly when moving over in bed or when you've just got out of bed?

I had SPD with my second pregnancy but don't remember it being this early or the pain being in this place? I'm 19 weeks.

What are others experiences?

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madamdragonshorse Fri 14-Aug-20 07:45:37

Unfortunately I had SPD/PGP from 13 weeks - quite rare for it to start that early - and I did have pain in the front - there is a joint at the front of your pelvis called the pubic symphysis.

You can get a referral to the physio but IME they really can't do much other than tell you to use a support belt because it's hormonal.

I used a big pregnancy pillow between my thighs/knees/ankles at night to help with pressure on my pelvic joints, did safe getting up (roll onto side, use arms to push to sitting and support to standing - try not to twist and definitely don't try and get to standing without using your arms), rested as much as I could and tried to stay active in safe ways - adapted pregnancy yoga, slow walking in supportive shoes.

Gerdticker Fri 14-Aug-20 08:43:43

This sounds sadly familiar!

Please forgive this copy & paste from a previous post I wrote on this;

- [ ] My SPD started at 12 weeks in my first pregnancy.

- [ ] There is a lot of info out there so do reach out

- [ ] My SPD continued after labour and I was eventually diagnosed with ‘osteitis pubis’, a term for injury/inflammation in the pubic bone area. I found an incredible physio online who offers a program to help you learn to move differently, and stop injuring yourself. (It’s called the O.P Clinic if you want to look it up ) It worked for me, and stopped the pain

- [ ] However that might not be your experience; for most people it goes away after the baby is born.

- [ ] After what I’ve been through I feel like an expert though!! Currently 25 weeks in my second pregnancy and using exercises to keep the SPD pain to a minimum

- [ ] My advice -
- [ ] - think of trying to help your pelvis keep stable. So wear flat well fitted shoes Only, no heels or sloppy slippers.
- [ ] - keep your knees together as much as possible. Walk with small steps
- [ ] - when standing, stay even on both feet and push down into the earth through your arches. Stand tall.
- [ ] - sit only on good firm chairs, stay straight, no leg crossing. Try to have knees lower than pelvis

- [ ] - buy a Serola belt; I wear mine low and tight under my bump, it literally holds me together!
- [ ] - sit on a plastic bag in the car, it can help you swivel round when you get out, with both knees together
- [ ] - long pillow between knees and ankles at night in bed

- [ ] My greatest relief from pain is from careful stretching. This video on YouTube is great; all the stretches are on the floor so you can take it slowly. (I would not recommend number 6 for SPD) Exercise 7 is my current favourite!

Sanch1 Sun 16-Aug-20 12:16:31

Thanks both. I was in denial I had it again but it's getting worse so I'm in no doubt now. Thanks for all the tips, will keep my fingers crossed I don't end up on crutches. Last time in went immediately so only 20 weeks to go!

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