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20 week scan - what to expect?

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MahamChoudhury Thu 13-Aug-20 16:46:25

Hi everyone,

I am a FTM and currently 20 weeks. My anomaly scan is on Monday. I have been reading a lot about what to expect at this scan. I read somewhere that they check fundus height / size and shape of the uterus. Could anyone explain how that is done?

It may sound stupid but I always like to dress up in clothes that are easier to take off and put on. I have always had transvaginal and abdominal scans but nobody ever touched/measured my vagina. I just need to be prepared for what is to come. Do they also check legs and feet for varicose veins? Another website mentioned getting vaccines for whooping cough etc? Is that true and do we have a choice in getting vaccines etc?

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overwork Thu 13-Aug-20 16:55:35

Hiya. I don't know whether you are having other appointments at the same time as your anomaly scan. I do them for my job and we don't do half the things you have suggested!
The scan is performed over your tummy. Occasionally it's necessary to do a transvaginal scan to look at your placenta in relation to your cervix. The majority of the scan is looking at structures of baby and taking measurements. Sonographers don't measure fundal height. Head, tummy and thigh measurements of baby are taken to look at growth.
We don't check varicose veins during the anomaly scan.
My trust is currently combining a few appointments in 1 so after the scan someone else will do a urine test, check blood pressure and offer a whooping cough jab.

Pea1984 Thu 13-Aug-20 17:03:50

I had my 20 week scan last week. It was abdominal and measurements of baby were taken. The sonographer mentioned something about the position of my placenta. She couldn’t see what she needed to of the heart so I had to go and have a urine and blood pressure check and then go back. By that time baby had moved position and she could see what she needed to. I wore maternity jeans which were great as I just had to fold down the panel that goes over my bump. I had the whooping cough jab at my doctors surgery this week which I just booked myself. I know some hospitals are doing them at the same time as the scan but I had been there ages already so didn’t bother asking.

MahamChoudhury Thu 13-Aug-20 17:05:40

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have never met my midwife. All our appointments have been via the telephone due to Covid. I don't even want to message her for this, that's why I asked these questions here. My next appointment is the 28 weeks appointment where I will meet the midwife for the first time. Not really sure how they will manage all these things in just one appointment.
Looking forward to the scan now and knowing when/how everything will be done.

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TheAquaticDuchess Thu 13-Aug-20 17:55:23

The whooping cough vaccine is optional, but very highly recommended. It’s worth looking at videos of babies with whooping cough if you need convinced of why it’s so important - it’s a terrible illness, and the vaccine is the only way to protect your baby until they can be vaccinated themselves. The vaccine is usually given at hospitals after the 20 week scan - you just go to the maternity unit and they’ll give it to you then.

They didn’t check any of the things you mention at my 20 week scan. It was an abdominal scan where she measured the size of the baby and then checked spine / bones / heart / kidneys / etc. She would have checked the sex but we didn’t want to know. It took about half an hour in total (with an uncooperative baby).

Hatscats Thu 13-Aug-20 18:03:10

I had an abdominal scan followed by a transvaginal to check the placenta location in more detail (it’s low). About half hour in total I guess, looking at each part of the baby and taking measurements. Sonographer talked me through it all. Was lovely!

Footlooseandfancy Thu 13-Aug-20 18:27:28

It's an ultrasound through your tummy - there's lots of clicking of buttons and more measurements than at the 12 week scan. I didn't get to see much - quick look at the baby but spent most of my time looking at the ceiling. Just wear something easy to pull up and down. You can ask if you want to know the sex but not every trust gives that info.

No urine or blood tests. You will probably need to book your whooping cough vaccine via your GP.

xxxemzyxxx Thu 13-Aug-20 20:34:19

FTM as well, currently 32 weeks. I only had the abdominal scan at my 20 week appointment - nothing else. This scan is mostly to check the development and measurements of your baby which is all done on the scan. They will also check the position of your placenta. I don’t think transvaginal scans are offered as standard and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone getting checked for varicose veins as apart of an antenatal appointment.

Fundal height doesn’t tend to be measured until your 28 week appointment (and then every appointment there after), at least that’s how it is in my trust. This is just done with a tape measure. The tests they done at my 28 week appointment was urine sample, blood pressure, listen to baby’s heart beat, fundal height measure and another round of bloods.

Every trust is different and some may offer the whopping cough vaccination at the hospital, but like a previous poster I arranged this through my GP. You don’t have to have it, but it protects your baby until they can be vaccinated themselves - it is very dangerous for babies.

Relax and look forward to seeing your baby on the scan 😊

MahamChoudhury Fri 14-Aug-20 15:05:30

All your messages have been very very helpful. Thanks a lot. I will definitely be booking the whooping cough jab after the scan. I just expected that all this information would be given to be by my midwife but so far I have only ever spoken to her twice (i.e. booking appointment and a 16 week telephone appointment). It is not very helpful to FTMs who have no idea what/when things are to be done. So glad for this forum and all you people who take their time out to help others like me smile

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ceebee21 Fri 14-Aug-20 15:47:06

FTM here as well - I had mine on Wednesday - just abdominal and the sonographer was able to locate / see everything needed.

When I spoke with the midwife on the phone at 16 weeks, she recommended booking in the whooping cough vaccine for the same say, so that it could be done straight after. The nurse also took my blood pressure and checked my urine, along with doing the whooping cough vaccine... it just saved me going back to the hospital on a separate day.

My next appt is 25 weeks with the midwife, where she will take bloods again and check BP/Urine etc.

I guess it does depend on trusts as to what they advise and what they tell you!


Pinktruffle Fri 14-Aug-20 15:51:15

In my area whooping cough jabs are given by your GP's surgery so I would maybe call them and check? I think it varies from area to area as to whether its hospital or GP.

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