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Clearblue Digital 'Pregnant' but no weeks?

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thewallisblue Thu 13-Aug-20 02:40:57

Anyone had this error? Just done one to check my progress, it just says 'Pregnant' with no other info.

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SassyPants87 Thu 13-Aug-20 04:41:46

This might sound really patronising and I don't mean it too but are you sure you picked up the one that shows the weeks? As you can get the digital one that doesn't and it looks exactly the same

blackcat86 Thu 13-Aug-20 04:53:23

Just echoing sassy pants as often the weeks ones comes in a box of 2 - 1 with weeks and one without. I think the idea is that you confirm pregnancy and then do the weeks one. Do you have any other tests at home?

thewallisblue Thu 13-Aug-20 05:08:28

Thanks, yes it was definitely the one with weeks - it's alright though, I've just done another one from a different pack and it said pregnancy 2-3 weeks 🙂 so I'm not worrying as much now. It must have been an error.

This pregnancy malarkey is so stressful!!!

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