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Anyone got any tips or pep talk for my return to work tomorrow?

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Cherryrainbow Wed 12-Aug-20 14:58:29

I work in a call centre, they're pretty much trying to convince us it's all absolutely fine for everyone to return to work but it means I'm going to be sat next to people and be back to back with other desks. I'm 34 weeks Friday so I just want to try and get it over with but its looking like I'll take my maternity early. Planned to start middle of September probably change it to 1st September so I dont lose out too much financially.

Anyone got any advice to help ease my anxiety? Many thanks x

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567ap Wed 12-Aug-20 15:29:13

Sadly if they call you back to the office you have to go - but brush up on what the employer must put in place, then if they haven't - you're okay to go home until they fix it!!

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