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Covid mental health

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FirstTimeMumDec2020 Wed 12-Aug-20 11:03:16


Just wanted to vent really and see if anyone feels the same.

This is my first pregnancy and I've found it so tough on my mental health because of Covid. I'm usually great and am pretty healthy mentally but it's worrying me that it's forcing me into a depression.

Like most of you my husband hasn't been able to come to either of the scans. I asked at my 20week if she could write the gender for me so I could find out with my husband what we are having but she said she is not allowed. I decided not to find out but it's getting to my husband too.
I live within Greater Manchester so am currently on lock down and a few plans I had are now cancelled because of it.
I feel like I can't look forward to anything because something Covid related keeps getting in the way.
I'm working from home and have been given new work to do but it's causing me stress and anxiety to try and learn it as it's completely different to what I do.
I'm not comfortable working from home. My tailbone is so sore lately so I can't sit for long else I struggle to get up.
I've even lost pride in my house and haven't been bothering to clean which is something I used to enjoy!
I just feel so restricted!

I know I'm lucky to be pregnant and the baby's health is all that matters but I feel how can I be a good mother if I'm not mentally healthy!

Sorry if I sound like I'm complaining but I don't feel like anyone understands. They just tend to tell me that I need to stay home to protect the baby and get on with it. I even have people sending me links to Covid news articles about things that restrict me even more and it just completely turns my mood.

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littledor Wed 12-Aug-20 13:57:46

Hi, I am 30 weeks in my first pregnancy, I do totally understand how u feel, it should be a joyful time, esp I have been trying to conceive for 2 yrs n now I'm finally pregnant, I was looking forward to sharing this with my family n frds but unfortunately COVID has taken this away from me, unable to see my frds n family since kickdown has started. My best frd has not even seen me in person, I can only send her photos of my bump n chat over the phone. My mum lives overseas so she is unable to come for my birth or after. I would love to be able to go on a babymoon abroad, just a holiday without kids for one last time but of coz that's too much to ask for.
My husband has not been able to attend any of the appointments or scans, so we have been to a private scan so that he can hear baby's heartbeat n the scan for the first time which makes it do much more real for him. I do feel quite lonely through this pregnancy n a bit worried with wt is going to happen after the baby is born end of October. We might still have to stay at home and wait for COVID to pass, this is not something to look forward to.
Please don't feel like u r the only one suffering, I am sure there r many more out there who share our feeling. Giving out loads of hugs xoxo

1990shopefulftm Wed 12-Aug-20 14:30:56

@FirstTimeMumDec2020 I understand where you are coming from, i m in preston so a local lockdown area and haven't seen friends or family since before march and won't be until after he's born because I just can't get comfortable with taking the risk and knowing that I made my baby sick.

We were lucky in that they have allowed one person to 20 week scan now but otherwise everything is alone. Having a private 4d scan gave me something to look forward to and in our area they're allowing a guest still so perhaps you could find somewhere nearby.

I try really hard not to get angry at the selfish people who aren't following the guidelines here too and just keep telling myself that although there is no guarantee I can have the birth I want and that DH won't get kicked out quickly afterwards, all I control is that I take as little risks as I feel comfortable with.

FirstTimeMumDec2020 Wed 12-Aug-20 15:58:21

Thank you both for responding.

I'm definitely going to look at booking a 4d scan! Hopefully my husband will feel more involved.

Sometimes I do feel guilty complaining because I know others have it harder and it's difficult on my DH too. He's been amazing so far but I can see it getting him down and I don't want to neglect how he feels. I want us both to be happy for when the baby is here!

Im going to try to focus on positive things and what makes me feel good!

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carlablack Wed 12-Aug-20 20:07:04

I know what you mean...What bothers me is not being able to go baby shopping. Online shopping is sooo lame sad

You're not alone flowers

FirstTimeMumDec2020 Thu 13-Aug-20 11:17:26


I know what you mean...What bothers me is not being able to go baby shopping. Online shopping is sooo lame sad

You're not alone flowers

I know what you mean! That's part of the whole experience! It got me down at first but I have managed to get a couple of bits from the likes of Sainsbury's when I've done a food shop but that's it. X

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