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High blood pressure

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ty1996 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:35:30

Had my booking appointment yesterday on the phone where the midwife stated I would be high risk because I have ongoing blood pressure problems.

I took my own blood pressure with a machine this morning and it ready 154/105, went to the midwife today to get bloods taken and she said my bp was 120/80 when she did it manually, I was confused so came home and did it again and it read 147/114 ..

Just a bit concerned/worried how when I visit a gp and do my own bp it reads really high, but when she did it manually it was as if it was perfect. I am under a consultant for my bp who had stated he's concerned about it so just don't know what's happened and his one time?

Only reason I say I'm concerned is obviously because I don't want them thinking I'm not high risk when I know I have problems with my blood pressure and them taking me off being monitored etc. Had previous pre eclampsia twice because of my bp and very cautious

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KLM19 Tue 11-Aug-20 18:25:49

Possibly getting yourself worked up when doing it yourself. They will keep an eye on you regardless due to your previous but I wouldn't worry.. if it creeps up they will treat u accordingly... try not worry it wont help ur BP. If it helps I made this whole pregnacy without getting pre eclampsia smile

lockdownpregnancy Tue 11-Aug-20 18:42:41

Are you putting the arm strap on too tight? I check my own BP at home too and if it's too tight my BP is really high but if you just pop it on loosely, like you're supposed to (but not lose enough that it will fall off) then my BP is fine.
Just a thought?

ty1996 Tue 11-Aug-20 19:30:42

No it's not on too tight, I've suffered with high blood pressure for 3 years, it's always been high, whether I'm doing it, or a doctor or a midwife, it's only this one time that it's ever been 'perfect' .. I've been in and out of hospital regarding my bp the past year and have a heart scan next week because of it, so I know I definitely do have high bp.

Id think I was working myself up if it was just happening, but it's been ongoing for this long period of time... just weird to me

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filthyanimal Tue 11-Aug-20 19:33:34

How long have you had your machine? It may not be accurate

teletubies123 Tue 11-Aug-20 19:37:58

Manual BP is more accurate than the machine. Plus the machine you have at home may not be calibrated properly.

FelicityBob Tue 11-Aug-20 19:42:37

BP in pregnancy shouldn’t be done with the electronic machines, especially when women have high BP. Manual is best practice. Why are you checking it yourself? If there are concerns with your BP your consultant should put a plan in place for you to have regular BP monitoring but they wouldn’t usually recommend you do it yourself I don’t think.

TenThousandSpoons0 Wed 12-Aug-20 05:54:58

It’s possible the machine could be faulty and need recalibration - you can take it with you to your GP/practice nurse or consultant and have them cross check it with a manual just to be sure.
Using your own machine at home is perfectly acceptable in pregnancy and should help you with management, as long as it’s calibrated.
TBH I’m always suspicious of 120/80, too “perfect”. I’d be thinking the midwife isn’t doing it right.

I assume you’re still early in pregnancy - if your home readings are correct then you probably are going to need your medications upped. Do you have another consultant appointment again soon?

They won’t change you from high risk because of this - your history means the care pathway shouldn’t be altered either way so don’t worry.

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