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Mummy120494 Sun 09-Aug-20 19:15:55

Yeah I'm
Ok now just aslong as this one doesn't turn out the same :/ I've had some bleeding today though but only slightly spotting so hoping it's nothing to worry about but my scan on Tuesday will tell me ! Oh have you that could be normal though as well so try not to think the worst if it's followed by bleeding then that could be w sign of something but hopfully everything is fine x

BabyMum98 Sun 09-Aug-20 18:54:54

Thank you for the info! I’m so sorry about the news though, I hope you’re okay :-(. I’ve been getting some really bad cramping pains which I never had with my first so I’m unsure if that’s a bad thing or not but I’ll call the midwife and go from there! Thank you again x

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Mummy120494 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:29:34

@BabyMum98 hi I'm
Also currently pregnant 6 months after a c section there are obviously more risks etc, higher risk of miscarriage which I unfortunately suffered last cycle :/ Urm chances are you'll have another c section also my midwife said could hurt your scar when your belly expands :/ but I'm pretty sure many women have done it and been fine I wouldn't worry personally just go with it ! X

BabyMum98 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:02:15

I’ve just found out by taking a test I’m pregnancy 5 months after having a baby by c-section, does anybody know what the risks are and if it’s safe to have another baby so close after the c-section?

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