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Pregnant again, I wonder if this one will stick? Anyone in the same boat with multiple mc's?

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Wishful30 Sun 09-Aug-20 10:11:49


I'm 37. Had multiple early mc. And 2 in the last 2 years. One at 6weeks. One at, well, baby stopped growing really early but had to wait to 10weeks to take the medication...

NHS have refused IVF and we don't have savings to pay for this.
Spent a couple of k 2 years ago on IUI with no success.

We have had many tests and have unexplained infertility.

Thought I might be pregnant beginning of this week. But symptoms went away.
AF isn't due till Tuesday.
Clear blue monitor today says PREGNANT

I should be happy (I am) but also now wondering how long this one will last and feeling so anxious already 🙄

Anyone here in the same boat? I'd be so grateful for someone to talk to who gets it!

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ew1990 Mon 10-Aug-20 18:13:57

Hi. I had a mmc in May and currently 9+4. There's a thread in pregnancy called pregnant after missed miscarriage MMC your more than welcome to join

disconnecteddrifter Mon 10-Aug-20 18:16:30

Me too. Six since first getting pregnant in sept 2019 for different reasons, chemical blighted ovum and 3 at 8-10 weeks but had tests on products of conception and all normal as well as tests on myself. Consultant said it's just luck at my age - was 39 when starter trying. Now 12 weeks and not going to lie still not going to shout it from the roof tops but so far so good.
Good luck with your journey

Wishful30 Mon 10-Aug-20 18:38:03

Thank you ladies.
Got my bfp yesterday. Af not due until tomorrow.
Been cramping all day and brown spotting.
Expecting the worst as in theory implantation should be done with. So somethings not right 😐
Going to just hang on in there for a couple of days, and if I'm still pregnant I'll join the group mentioned.
Thankyou xx

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