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Restless leg syndrome all over?

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SqidgeBum Sat 08-Aug-20 03:33:58

I am 28 weeks pregnant and for the last week or so I have had major problems sleeping. At night my whole body feels like it needs to be moving and stretched and pulled to the point that I cant lie for 2 minutes without feeling this overwhelming need to move. My legs, arms, feet, hands, everything feel like they should be moving. It is resulting in me getting about 2 hours sleep a night. I have a toddler and I am utterly exhausted, but have no idea how to help this, or if its even a thing.

Has anyone else ever come across this? Ever had it? Know any tips to help?

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SeaToSki Sat 08-Aug-20 11:26:35

Try taking a magnesium supplement, it is really helpful. Find one that gives you 100% pf the recommended daily amount and take it at bedtime.

Gardenermumtobe Sat 08-Aug-20 12:16:28

I had awful restless legs, my midwife mentioned my iron levels were borderline but I asked for the prescription anyway and I have felt tons better since taking iron tablets. Been on them for about 4 weeks and am currently 29 weeks pregnant. I tried magnesium supplements, magnesium spray, a bar of soap in the bed and the homeopathic remedy Mag Phos but none of those made a real difference. You could also try eating more red meat to get more iron and see if that helps, I do think when I ate spinach it was a bit better (I'm vegetarian so couldn't have red meat). Hope you manage to sort it out, it is awful

SqidgeBum Sat 08-Aug-20 12:26:45

They are both good suggestions! If it can be fixed with something like supplements that would be really handy. Thank you for your suggestions!

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Cherryrainbow Sat 08-Aug-20 12:45:29

Interesting I've been the same (33 weeks) and awful insomnia I'll try vitamins too and see if it helps! My blood tests seem to come back fine, wondering if its the fibro

MrsStavrum Sat 08-Aug-20 18:49:05

I have only had this in my legs but I find it’s much better if I drink a lot of water!

2020N Sun 09-Aug-20 10:23:14

Hi @SqidgeBum,

I’ve had this for a few years now, but it’s vamped up in pregnancy! I bought this spray from Holland & Barrett, approved safe for pregnancy (you have to be careful with some sprays as they’re not suitable for use in pregnancy) and it’s definitely helped x

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