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Irrational fears

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Danielle95lab Fri 07-Aug-20 13:24:00

I'm genuinely starting to really struggle. I had normal FTM or pregnancy anxiety in regards to miscarriage worries in the first trimester. That then got worse when I found out I have low Papp-a at 12 weeks, which caused me to worry about baby's growth, late miscarriage and chromosome abnormalities (even though I came back as low risk). Then I started to relax, had a gorgeous 4D scan, alongside several other scans which have came back clear, felt great cause he's a little wriggler and my bump was even measuring big so I thought, perfect he might not be as small as I thought.

Nearly 30 weeks now and the anxiety is setting back in massively. Purely because I had my growth scan at 28 weeks and he's roughly on the 20th centile for all his measurements. Which no one was concerned with and never even said he was small. No mention of anything and the Doppler reading from my placenta was great too. But somehow I've turned this growth scan into an issue that doesn't exist. Started panicking if his growth drops cause he's already on the small side, then worried he might have an abnormality again and now I'm over analysing my bump size every day🙈 I'm actually terrible even though I know there's no problem, no health professional is concerned and to be fair I'm only 5ft so he's hardly going to be massive anyway. I just can't seem to catch a break and I'm just eager for him to be here now so I can see he's okay. So so fed up.

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FourPlasticRings Fri 07-Aug-20 13:28:13

The 20th centile is fine, OP. Someone has to be on that centile, it's perfectly normal. And you'll be growing him at a size to fit you. Try to relax.

lockdownpregnancy Fri 07-Aug-20 13:47:37

I had one scan at 30 weeks and baby was measuring 5th percentile and had a growth scan the other day at 32 weeks exactly and he's just above the 50th percentile now!
They grow so fast in the third trimester and as pp said your in the remit of normal growth.
I know it's hard for us to say not to worry because we all do and I have anxiety myself so having a few extra scans is very reassuring for me!
Your lil bundle sounds like they are cooking nicely 👍🏻

Danielle95lab Fri 07-Aug-20 14:37:49

Thanks ladies! I just need to find out how to get a grip on the anxiety. If it wasn't the growth I would find something else, honestly I'm a nightmare 🙈xx

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Rosieeeee Fri 07-Aug-20 14:47:16

I'm the same, I'm constantly worrying if he's moving enough, and that my bump isn't growing. I put on almost 2 stone in the first 2 trimesters, and now I'm worrying because I've only put a pound on in 6 weeks and I read you're meant to put on the most weight in the third trimester. I have started eating much more normally/healthily now because I was borderline anaemic and my platelets are low, so that's probably why. But then at my 28 week appointment I was measuring 30cm, and at my 32 week appointment it was 32cm. I know it's not that accurate but I keep thinking that means I've only grown 2cm in a month, combined with little weight gain it makes me paranoid. Tried measuring myself at nearly 34 weeks and still can't get past 32cm no matter where I put the tape measure. I poke my poor baby far too much when he doesn't move for a while!!! confused

Danielle95lab Fri 07-Aug-20 15:08:17

@Rosieeeee yeah I'm totally with you!! It's actually exhausting feel this way all the time isn't it. Even though you know deep down everything's fine and you're being irrational you can't stop your mind overthinking. I'm so so sick of it😫 xxx

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Rosieeeee Fri 07-Aug-20 15:17:46

Yeah it's annoying because I know deep down he's ok. I haven't had to go into work since March so think that's why I have too much time to think about baby. I was suffering with anxiety about different things just before I got pregnant and thankfully that mainly all went but now when I'm in the house alone I get worried about baby stuff a lot more. Just over 2 weeks till my growth scan to try not to worry about it! And be glad I'm not getting massively fat grin

Danielle95lab Fri 07-Aug-20 15:20:52

@Rosieeeee you sound the same as me, I had anxiety issues before pregnancy too. But like you said those have been switched for different anxieties now😂 you can't win! I definitely have too much thinking time to. I'm back working but OH is working away so on the evening I'm just on my own over analysing. I'm sure everything will be totally fine, but you can't help but think otherwise 🙈 we're our own worst enemy aren't we xx

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Rosieeeee Fri 07-Aug-20 15:25:26

We certainly are! You should try and think at least if your baby is smaller then it'll be an easier deliverygrin. Hoping baby doesn't come too early but if he makes an appearance a week or two early I'd be happy to get him out safely! Especially as he has to be tested for low platelets too and I shouldn't have an assisted delivery because of the risks of him bleeding, so if he's smaller I will hopefully have no issues in labour.....I hope!!

Rosieeeee Fri 07-Aug-20 15:26:54

He will probably end up massive 😂

Chocforthewin Fri 07-Aug-20 15:43:08

Aw ladies I’m the exact same, I thought it would get easier as pregnancy progressed. But I am worse. Even when go to the toilet in the night, i will stay wide awake until I can feel baby move.
And through the day too, it’s like a constant irrational, scary feeling that doesn’t go away.
I am worrying about birth now as it’s only a few weeks away, think it’s due to my poor Mum suffering from a full term still birth 😞
Just wish could find a way to enjoy being pregnant, and for these worries to reside away.
I wish you all the safest pregnancies & wish you both all the luck in the world ladies 💞💞

Rosieeeee Fri 07-Aug-20 15:52:23

@Chocforthewin that's totally understandable if your mum had a stillbirth 😔. We just want to meet our babies and them to be all ok and healthy! Because of covid I was reading on the hospital wall the other day they have a 39 week appointment, but no 40 week app, and then a 41 where they will offer a stretch and sweep and then look at booking induction for 42 weeks...... I'm debating asking for induction at 41 weeks if I haven't gone into labour naturally as I really really don't want to go past 41 weeks! The thought of the slightly increased risks at 42 weeks worry me!

Danielle95lab Fri 07-Aug-20 15:52:35

@Rosieeeee most likely be a big chunk now you've said that😂😂

@Chocforthewin never ends does it! I feel like I'm constantly seeking a problem to worry about and then needing reassurance even though I know I'm being stupid🙈 I think I need to get a midwife to come live with me until the end to put my mind at ease haha. Best of luck to you too lovely🥰xx

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