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Pregnancy Cravings

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judyr1990 Fri 07-Aug-20 13:06:13

Hello, my yummy mummies, so me and my DH are expecting a baby, and I say I've been having the strangest of cravings like, Marmite and bananas mixed together, sushi dipped into nutella.

What weird cravings have you had recently?

Lots of love, Judy xx

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FourPlasticRings Fri 07-Aug-20 13:18:57

I'm on my second pregnancy and have never had weird cravings. Usually it's just things like beefburgers or gherkins. Yours sound fun though!

Csari Fri 07-Aug-20 15:53:01

I never had any strange ones either, just apple juice but I drank gallons of the stuff lol.
I'm currently pregnant and can't wait to see what I'll want this time.

Chl00 Fri 07-Aug-20 17:38:34

Haven’t had any major cravings usually just anything I can’t have.. like beer and then milk (but milk makes me sick since being pregnant) and I just notice I like things I never used to like before

MySafeSpace Sat 08-Aug-20 14:46:01

@Csari omg this is me at the mo, gallons and gallons of Apple juice I just can't get enough

Csari Sat 08-Aug-20 16:10:13

@MySafeSpace I was especially fond of the Copella apple juice, especially if it was really cold lol. I wasn't a massive fan before pregnancy, my DS loves it now too.

MySafeSpace Sat 08-Aug-20 17:36:42

@Csari oh I'm not fussed as long as it's ice cold.
Interesting to know you had a boy, we aren't finding out the gender but people keep saying girl
I never touched Apple juice before I was pregnant so very strange

crosser62 Sat 08-Aug-20 17:39:00

Ice cubes, cups & cups and cups of ice.

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