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What are you looking forward to doing again?

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RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 13:58:16

If, like me, you're in the later stages of pg, you might have noticed that there's now certain day to day things that you struggle to do because of the bump. Aside from the lack of booze and certain foods etc, what sort of things are you looking forward to doing again once the LO is born?

For me it's:

- Bending down without having to spread my legs to compensate for the bump;

- Being able to sit kinda "side saddle" on the side of my bed and do my make up;

- Doing my shoelaces up whilst still being able to breathe!

- Painting my own toenails;

- Turning over in bed without the need for military precision planning and 1,000 pillows.

That's all i can think of for now....

Wizzska Tue 02-Oct-07 14:26:05

RG, am with you on the bed thing with pillows. I can't wait to be comfortable in bed - even though little one will disturb my sleep.

I can't wait to be able to run and feel light on my feet. I feel so heavy at the moment and every bit of me aches.

Scampynoodle Tue 02-Oct-07 14:26:51

Keep my temper. I've done nothing but rant at strangers from the moment I conceived. I've even found myself stood in the middle of the road (long story) waving my fist in the air. I'll grow a handeblar moustache next and invest in a blunderbus.


RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 14:27:53

Oh yeah, running!! I'd forgotten about that! Not that i run anywhere anyway, but being able to walk briskly would be nice!

fleacircus Tue 02-Oct-07 14:28:16

Lie on my front. Eat eggs benedict. Go to posh cheese shop and spend GDP of small eastern European nation on vacherin and epoisse.

RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 14:28:34

PMSL @ Scampynoodle!!! hahahahaha!!

What happened re the fist waving incident??

fleacircus Tue 02-Oct-07 14:31:08

LOL at Scampynoodle.

Cazzybaby Tue 02-Oct-07 14:31:27

Being able to go from laying down to sitting up without having to incorperate a funny kind of rolling action!! Does that make sense??

sabinar Tue 02-Oct-07 14:33:13

having a nice cup of tea!
I can't drink it anymore - it gives me the worst reflux in the world. Hot chocolate is tiding me over, but nothing is quite the same as a cuppa tea!

Scampynoodle Tue 02-Oct-07 14:39:03

Oh frig, RG.

There's a roundabout (more commonly known as a deathtrap) near my house where drivers insist on acting like twats - they never indicate, speed up slipways, try killing pedestrians...Anyhoo, I regularly have to dice with death in these here parts and while I've always had my arse in my hand about it since getting pregnant I've turned into a Highway Code spouting lunatic. So, whenever I find myself agrieved by these shit-for-brains I involuntarily leap into the middle of the road/ roundabout while waving my fist in the air and shrieking arrestible obscenities. It's all enhanced by my increasingly knock-kneed gait and wild hair.

I swear, I'm a 90 year old in a 36 year old's body.


PregnantGrrrl Tue 02-Oct-07 14:52:23

sex...not that i'm not willing, but i think DH is scared of me.

walking without trousers slipping down.

turning over / moving in bed without: 'Ooh...argh...ow...grunt...ahhhh!'

Mungarra Tue 02-Oct-07 14:59:03

Being able to sleep on my front again.

When I was pregnant with DS1, I was really looking forward to sleeping on my front again, but I hadn't factored in the delay caused by breastfeeding.

A few times I slept on my front by mistake and woke up absolutely soaked in breastmilk.

Wizzska Tue 02-Oct-07 15:08:19

Scampy - Do you ever daydream about having a ready supply of rotten eggs and tomatos to chuck at these people? I do. I'm always wanting to chuck them at taxis that don't stop at crossings etc.

All my fight has left my body at the moment though - I'm too tired so all I do is daydream about shouting at people rather than the usual actual confrontation.

RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 15:11:33

Caz - I'm with you on that one! I have to do the exact same thing! blush

Sabinar - my sympathies! I dunno what i'd do without my afternoon cuppa!! shock

Scampy - hahahah!! It's funny how we get very righteous when we're pg isn't it. I seem to be a bomb waiting to go off when i'm on my daily commute to work. I'm just waiting for someone to do something so that i can shout at a stranger

PG - Know what you mean about the sex thing too, although it's the other way round for me and DP! It takes up too much effort these days! wink

Mungarra - I've heard about the milk thing too. Oh poo, i'll have the same problem too i reckon!

FCH Tue 02-Oct-07 15:12:13

Hello RG!!

I am looking forward to being able to go out in public without total strangers commenting on my physical state!


Wearing normal clothes (okay so not instantly but eventually)

Getting out of the bath / bed / car without thinking carefully about the strategy for doing so!

Having sex and being able to move without thinking "oh no - actually can't do that - huge mound of baby in the way".

Wizzska Tue 02-Oct-07 15:12:32

Pregnantgrrrl - I think DH is scared when I get frisky too! Am not surprised. It must be a bit odd having a 5ft6 egg shaped mess making sexual advances towards you.

I can't wait to have a bath without worrying that I'll get stuck in it.

RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 15:14:51

Hello FCH!! <waves>

Bouncingturtle Tue 02-Oct-07 15:22:12

Not walking around like an arthritic 90yo.
Been able to get out of bed without nearly falling over.
Eating liver pate!!

Pheebe Tue 02-Oct-07 15:47:27

Hmm, think I must be having one of my hormonal blissful moments as all I can think about is breastfeeding/feeding time cuddles, cuddles in general, putting cute clothes on a tiny body, stroking a silky soft head and kissing silky soft skin, ooo and that caramelly smell at the back of their neck, mmmm

O and being able to sleep or at least lie on my tum again


RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 15:48:50

awww Pheebe, sounds lovely doesn't it!! I cannot wait!!

Pheebe Tue 02-Oct-07 15:51:01

Me neither RG, I am soo ready now. I can't wait to see DS1 cuddling his little brother either, he's been practicing endlessly with his teddies and even putting them to bed in LOs moses basket which is now up and ready in our room smile

RGPargy Tue 02-Oct-07 15:52:16

awwww how sweet!! You're making me well up!! I'm looking forward to DP holding a baby for the first time ever - OUR baby!

Pheebe Tue 02-Oct-07 15:57:19

O crikey yes, DH's face in the delivery room when the mw handed him his son for the first time!!! Not a time for cameras but make sure you're watching it was the most amazing moment, the man I love most in the world holding our son...right off to find some tissue now before they get back from the park, think he might chuck cold water over me if he finds me crying again wink

ELB1 Tue 02-Oct-07 15:59:41

Totally agree with the lying on front thing - I think I might miss that the most! I've been doing it in secret in the swimming pool by hugging the sides and letting my legs float. The lifeguard came up and checked me once - he thought I'd gone to sleep (nearly had) grin!

1. wearing trousers with buttons that keep them up rather than having to hold them up when I walk - is it me??
2. definitely sex - I told DH this the other day and he looked scared to death that I might want to do it in current state!
3. walking without the waddle
4. seeing my feet when standing up
5. being able to put my knickers on without a struggle blush

FCH Tue 02-Oct-07 16:47:10

Oh - and another vote for liver pate!!

And I am also looking forward to having my very own baby to sniff - I love the way they smell!!

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