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Formula milk at hospital

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JLB88 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:00:36

Hi everyone

This might seem like a really stupid question but I’m a first time mum and still pretty clueless about a lot of things!

I’ve purchased some new born formula in quite a big tub. Would you suggest buying a small tub (if there is one) to take to hospital with me or shall I just take the whole thing?

Also, in terms of bottles, will I be able to sterilise them there if anyone knows?

I have seen something similar about a ‘starter pack’ for formula but haven’t been to a supermarket to see if there’s any there. Are they worth buying?

Any help would be greatly appreciatedsmile

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PrayingandHoping Thu 06-Aug-20 15:02:18

I've not known a postnatal Ward that has formula making and bottle sterilising facilities.... you need to buy a starter pack of the mini ready to go bottles

Your midwife should be going through all this with u....

LivingMyBestLife2020 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:02:33

Yes to the starter packs. Each bottle has a sterilised teat then you throw away The whole bottle after use. They are only very small which is perfect for a newborn and your luggage.

Kijaji Thu 06-Aug-20 15:05:31

I have been looking at those starter pack myself, Boots/Amazon sell them online if that helps smile

bedjolly Thu 06-Aug-20 15:07:22

It's not a stupid question!! I'm a first time mum and I'm stressing over everything that needs to be gotten for baby and everyone keeps telling me I have anxiety and need to see the GPhmm Yes the starter packs sound good with pre made milk. If anything asking questions shows that you are making sure your baby has everything they need. Good luck.

JLB88 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:12:22

Thanks all! I think I’ll have a look online and order the starter pack, seems like the best bet!
@bedjolly I’m so glad someone else feels the same, I’m so overwhelmed by everything as well but fingers crossed everything will be fine and I’ll pick it up as I go along grin. Good luck to you too! X

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nettytree Thu 06-Aug-20 15:14:47

Do the hospitals not supply milk now. Its been 10 years since I had mine and they did then. It was east surrey.

bedjolly Thu 06-Aug-20 15:17:50

No doubt you'll be a great mum, I'm glad I'm not the only one too. Some women seem like they have EVERYTHING prepared whilst I'm running round like some deranged animal 🤣.

Fatted Thu 06-Aug-20 15:17:54

Ask your MW or at the hospital, because every hospital is different. We bought a starter pack, but our hospital supplied the same bottles and teats that were in starter packs themselves. Ours did have a feeding room and there was facilities for steralising bottles, a fridge for breast milk etc.

PrayingandHoping Thu 06-Aug-20 15:23:19

@nettytree some provide milk but most don't. (Budget cuts!)

Ours told us clearly that if u didn't turn up with the starter bottles your partner would be sent to the supermarket over the road to buy it!

FoxtrotSkarloey Thu 06-Aug-20 15:24:14

Each hospital will have their own slight differences, so ask your midwife or in she is unsure call the maternity department and ask for someone in the infant feeding team.

Mine does have facilities for sterilising, but the starter packs look so much easier. They don't provide milk as standard, but if you're trying to bf and it's not working and the baby needs feeding, they have a limited amount they will provide, but your partner is then expected to buy some before the next feed.

Cherryrainbow Thu 06-Aug-20 15:27:39

Ask your midwife/hospital. I asked mine this week and she said our particular hospital provides sma or cow&gate so I wont need to take any milk stuff with me x

THNG5 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:32:56

Definitely ask. My hospital supplies formula only is you were planning on breastfeeding and things don't work out/baby needs a top up. The hospital does have a feeding room though with a fridge and sterilising equipment.

Laaalaaaa Thu 06-Aug-20 15:37:24

The hospital I gave birth in did not allow you to take in your own formula. They provided it. Even after I was readmitted back to maternity ward a week after giving birth without my baby, when baby visited I used their formula.

MuchTooTired Thu 06-Aug-20 15:39:58

My friend advised I buy some of the pre made bottles as her trust didn’t provide formula milk. I did buy some, but the hospital I gave birth in provided formula milk pre made although they stopped when I said I had some of my own. This was 2.5 years ago though!

IdblowJonSnow Thu 06-Aug-20 15:43:32

You can get cartons and I absolutely recommend taking your own and not relying on the hospital.
I had to beg and beg for hours before getting my hands on some. They were hassling me to breastfeed which just wasnt happening.

MotherofKitties Thu 06-Aug-20 15:48:46

SMA starter pack is the way forward OP - dinky bottles they right size for baby, individually wrapped teats, come in a pack of 6.

Get at least several boxes and put them in your hospital bag ready and waiting, and those you don't use you can bring home. Can get them from Morrison's, Asda, Boots etc smile

JLB88 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:52:53

Thank you everyone! All the comments have been really helpful for one clueless mama grin

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uglyface Thu 06-Aug-20 15:58:21

Boots online do the starter packs. I’d do some research on the breastfeeding/formula policy of your trust if I were you; ours is very anti formula, but luckily I came prepared and was self assured enough to deal with their breastfeeding lady.

PrayingandHoping Thu 06-Aug-20 16:10:04

Only thing I'll add that try and buy the starter pack the same brand as you plan to use when you are home. They all do them (except mamia I think.... which is the same as aptimil). Then it's no change for your tiny baby in the early days which can cause upset

Anaesthetist83 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:10:58

Certainly where I will be delivering (and work), they would expect someone intending to formula feed to take a supply with them, but would provide if struggling with planned breastfeeding. Currently where visiting is banned/restricted, I suspect they would be more lenient.

Rainy88 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:17:14

Would 1 starter pack be enough for hospital? They contain 6 bottles?

PrayingandHoping Thu 06-Aug-20 17:21:06

@Rainy88 they tell u to feed every 3 hours and the bottle has to be thrown away after 2. So 8 will last u 24hours. So I would pack at least 2 boxes and leave instructions for your partner of where to buy u more so they can bring it in (and just drop off if not allowed in) if you are in for longer

I was in 3 days so went through a lot!

ChampooPapi Thu 06-Aug-20 22:11:42

@PrayingandHoping agreed

If your planning on exclusively bottle feeding I'd take 3 boxes even to be on the safe side

Satstar Thu 06-Aug-20 23:16:13

The hospital I was I provided the premade bottled withdisposable teats. I didnt use any but from what I saw from the other ladies they had lots of brands

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