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Awful morning sickness

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VEGAS2016 Thu 06-Aug-20 10:31:38

I am 9+2 weeks with baby number 3 & am having the most horrendous morning sickness! This is completely new to me as I never suffered with my first 2. I honestly have never felt so rough confused im also suffering from extreme tiredness & conspitation.

Any tips on helping the morning sickness? & when will this get better? Feel like such a crap mum atm sad

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Superscientist Thu 06-Aug-20 10:40:22

Trial and error about what foods you can and can't eat. Try to eat little and often sip at drinks.
I lived off tinned fruit and rice Crackers. Tea, coffee and water were bad but I could manage boiled water with a bit of honey in or fizzy drinks.
Some women swear by ginger and Crackers but that didn't help me. Dry foods can be good but I found fruit better and they have the benefit of higher water content to help with dehydration.
Some people find travel sickness bands helpful.

In the end I needed antisickness meds to stop me losing so much weight and improved my mental health.

justoverthehorizon Thu 06-Aug-20 10:41:55

You are not a crap mum....try drinking as much water as you can....hard I know because I suffered as well and it is truly horrible.

sarahc336 Thu 06-Aug-20 11:06:00

Making sure you never get hungry or thirsty weirdly helps do constantly snack and sip some liquid will help. Eat some thing as soon as you wake up, never allow yourself tummy to get empty and eat/drink whatever you can
Stomach, don't worry even if this is only picked onion crisps and Fanta lemonade, it'll pass and you can catch up with the vitamins then. Cold things can often help so sucking on ice lollies or ice cubes can be good, lots of resting and sitting down as sickness is often worse when tired smile

Katerinakaterinaki Thu 06-Aug-20 11:07:43

For me, trying to drink water made me feel worse - try drinking something sour like still lemonade. Also fruit like watermelon, which has plenty of water and easy on the stomach. Some pieces of cucumber might go down ok. Greek yoghurt with a bit of honey was successful for me, also those dry Melba toast things with some honey spread on them. Try cereal, maybe bran flakes might help with constipation.
Eating cold foods is easier than anything hot including hot drinks.
An orange tasted great to me but all the fibre in my stomach was too difficult to digest and I ended up puking orange puree within 10 mins so I don't recommend that, also carrot sticks was a disaster.

Peanut butter on toast was good for a little while until the smell of the bread became a trigger for me.

I really struggled to eat much for a few weeks to be honest but you just have to try and eat anything that sounds remotely edible. Eating very frequently but in very small portions really helps.

VEGAS2016 Thu 06-Aug-20 11:33:18

Thanks everyone. Actually I have found getting even remotely hungry does make it worse but I dont want to eat because I feel so rubbish, catch 22!

Ive had food aversions since around 7 weeks & havent been able to eat a big meal aince then..just snacking. But im finding it difficult to find anything I fancy to eat & im usually a big foodie!

I havent tried crackers or ginger biscuits so I will give them a go thanks!

Ive every sympathy now for anyone suffering, thought I had escaped this as literally nothing with my over 2 children!

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physicskate Thu 06-Aug-20 12:32:44

I too am feeling much much worse than during my pregnancy with dd. I'm only 5+4 and been suffering with it for the last week. Started being sick today...

Last time the nausea started at 6+3 (ivf pregnancy and was my viability scan so I remember the date).

It's really floored me this time. You have my sympathies! At the best of times I'm terrible at being pregnant!

sarahc336 Thu 06-Aug-20 12:55:33

It's really rough isn't it, but it does get easier, it often peaks around 9-10 weeks then can start to reduce around 11-12 weeks but don't be alarmed if it kinda lingers a tad after 12 weeks, both times I've had it I've felt off until about 17 weeks but the awful part tends to pass by 12 weeks, stick it out guys smile

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