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Free Antenatal Classes in Bristol for first time mums

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IzzyLew Wed 05-Aug-20 15:17:05

Hi ladies

I can't seem to find any free midwife-lead antenatal classes in Bristol.

Any advice?

Our little Bean est April 2021

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Wolfgirrl Wed 05-Aug-20 15:19:51

You have to pay for most of them. I think St Michael's and Southmead run their own classes but places are really limited.

Charlotte2020 Wed 05-Aug-20 21:05:13

I think you can get a discount on NCT classes in certain circumstances but most I've seen in Bristol are about £300! I need to do antinatal classes but if they are online due to covid that seems like a lot!!!

FebruaryBear Wed 05-Aug-20 21:32:48

My free NHS ones 2.5 years ago were led my midwives, no idea what is running due to Covid though.

Havlerr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:20:09

I’m Bristol based and was happy to do mine online, my (Southmead) midwives sent me an email with a PowerPoint and videos and links when I was about 28ish weeks.

Also the midwives at the RUH posted their antenatal classes called Hello Baby online on YouTube for free at the start of lockdown which I highly recommend. Really thorough and easy to follow, DH and I both watched them all and loved them.

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